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King Richard III is plagued by rumours about all aspects of his life, his reputation, his reign, his behaviour towards his nephews, towards his wife, his brother, …
Now rumours start again:
Is it or is it not him, who was found under a car park in Leicester ?
Is the University of Leicester witholding information about him?

Certainly, King Richard III would have his joy, being the centre of attention again.
So, who am I to argue, when King Richard III gets top coverage in the media:

I am curiously watching the developments and am enjoying this perfect advertisement and sign of high interest in ‘our’ king.

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  • The Collective Reading of “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Key Penman continues tomorrow with chapters 5 – 9 in Book III “Lord of the North”.

  • Because we have accumulated over 120 unconfirmed signatures of the petition for the film “King Richard III”, confirmation mails are sent out again today.
    If you have not received yours, please try signing the petition again. We have some signatures with bouncing e-mail addresses, where there must be an error in the mail address.
    Thank you !


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