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Petition to Coffining Richard III in a Religious Environment

Media and the ‘fact behind fiction’ are entirely topics on their own…
So, no further comment about what they currently make out of this new petition, but rather, what this new petition by the initiators of ‘Looking for Richard‘ really is about:
(I must admit, from the media reports about it, I really had difficulties making it out.)
That the team which initiated and persisted in the search for King Richard III cares about King Richard III, can be taken without doubt. That they want to assure his dignity and honourable treatment, is the main factor defining each step of their search, but also is the essence behind this new petition:
Petition to coffin King Richard III in a holy place
(open worldwide via
Contrary to the original agreement about the treatment of the remains of King Richard III, his bones have not been sent to rest in a church, awaiting his burial ceremonies.
The reasons of the University of Leicester for this are manifold, among those are, preserving (correct temperature, water level, etc.), security (against possible fanatics), transportation to the location, hindering of further research access, …
So King Richard III at the moment is stored in a scientific vault, like a research specimen, which for the University of Leicester he certainly is.
But besides having been King of England once, King Richard III also is a human being, for which certain treatment standards should be in place to ascertain his human dignity.
One of these standards, the ‘Looking for Richard’ team tries to insist upon with this new petition:
Giving King Richard a holy and not a scientific environment for being placed in his coffin.
From what the media makes out of this request and petition, you would think, the ‘Looking for Richard’ team wants to overthrow all the planning and work from either Leicester Cathedral and the University of Leicester for the burial ceremonies. Some even make me believe, a new war between religions is imminent.
Far from it !
The supporters of this petition come from all religious and none-religious backgrounds worldwide and have the one thing in common:
They are concerned about the scientific treatment of a human being, which sets a very utilitarian precedent of how to treat human remains where the scientific interest dominates and subjugates every other consideration.
This coffining in a holy place would give the found bones a ‘human dignity’ back and would assure that King Richard III is not only seen as a scientific curiosity, but also as a very religious man and human being.
It also would uphold consent for a treatment of human remains, not only of kings, but human beings in general, which researchers seem so easily to forget that King Richard III after all still is.
In this regard, think about how you would like to be treated and for once see King Richard III not as a spectacular historical oddity, but as a human being, and take action regarding this new petition as you see fit:
Petition to coffin King Richard III in a holy place
(open worldwide via
The petition will close at midnight (GMT) on Tuesday 24 February 2015. The results will be handed over to the re-interment board in Leicester.
More information and details about the ‘Looking for Richard’ team and new petition on the Looking for Richard website.

Philippa Langley & King Richard III


♛ Philippa Langley ♛


  • BBC News Entertainment & Arts: Richard III hunter co-authors book on car park King (17.10.2013) – Philippa Langley and Michael Jones interviewed by Nick Higham about their new book and about ‘respect and dignity’ for King Richard III.
    Interesting video with the full interview in the article!


    History Extra Interview – Philippa Langley and Michael Jones

    About the search for King Richard III and his grave

    Where should King Richard III be buried?

    Philippa Langley and the Channel4 documentary

    About the Princes in the Tower

    About “The White Queen”


    ♛ King Richard III ♛


    King Richard III in Print


    ♛ King Richard III ♛


    • Richard III book launched in Leicester (05.10.2013) – Booklaunch by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, co-authors of the book about “The Search for Richard III. The Kings Grave”.

    • The King’s Grave: by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, by IoniaMartin (05.10.2013) – Detailed review about the book publication by Philppa Langley and Michael Jones.

    • Express: Book Review: The search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, by Nigel Jones (06.10.2013) – The author of this review perhaps best describes his own review:

      curiously lop-sided

      The review is – as far as I can tell – solely based on the reading of the index and appendix of the book, which does not highly recommend its accuracy or significance to me, especially as it is in complete disagreement with the previous review by IoniaMartin. As the reviewer also has written a book about the Tower and the Princes in the Tower, it seems his review is more in his own defence, rather than an objective critique of the new publication.
      I will hold back my final judgement till I get my version of “The King’s Grave. The Search for Richard III”, but so far this review only reached to confirm my opinion that historians don’t like to re-research comfortably settled and accepted ‘truths’, even when new aspects arise.


    • Richard III archaeologist to give talk in Grantham (06.10.2013) – Richard Buckley will give a talk about King Richard III and his discovery in Grantham, Harrowby Methodist Church on Saturday, 19 October 2013.

    • BBC News: Richard III Towton chapel remains are ‘found’ (07.10.2013) – To commemorate the many fallen in the Battle of Towton (1461), King Richard III began to build a chapel at the site, which at the time of his death was not yet completed and never was finished at a later time. (For more details about the battle and its significance, see: Towton Battlefield society

    • The Northern Echo: Cabinet Minister insists remains of Richard III must be buried in Leicester – not York, by Robert Merrick, Parliamentary Correspondent (08.10.2013) – Parliamentary debate in the Commons about final resting place for King Richard III and an independent panel to determine it.

    • Helen Rae Rants (Blog): The Wars of the Roses refought over Richard III’s Re-burial, by Helen Rae Rants! (09.10.2013) – A quote I just need to share, especially after the strange review mentioned above…
      Helen Rae about Philippa Langley:

      Me, I think she [Philippa Langley] deserves a medal for her efforts and the contribution she’s made to Ricardian history.


    • Justice secretary insists Richard III be buried in Leicester, by David Owen (09.10.2013) – Justice secretary Chris Grayling speaks in the Commons.

    • A year of discoveries showcased at the University of Leicester (10.10.2013) – Open Day at the University of Leicester on the 12th October 2013 will showcase King Richard III!

    • Richard III: What do the people of York think? By Peter Warzynski (11.10.2013) – A brave journalist on his way to York to search for the truth. Is the new ‘War of the Cities’ that easy – York for York and Leicester for Leicester? Frontiers never were that easy during King Richard III’s days and never were clear and defined for him. Enemies became friends and friends easily and without prior notice became traitors. Otherwise the devastation of Bosworth never would have happened…
      Find out, if our frontiers are any different today from those 500 years back, here in this research by Peter Warzynski.
      [Should have known that Peter Warzynski was brave enough to find the truth. After all he was not frightened to come into contact with fans of an actor and wonderfully presented Leicester and his work and archaeological digging for King Richard III here on our website (24.08.2013).]

    Historical Speculation and Research


    ♛ Roman Nail & King Richard III ♛

    Wild speculations are not as un-historical as you might think.
    Perhaps my wild speculation I start here might show you that the ‘expectations’ of the researcher and here especially the historian have quite some influence on the outcome of the research.
    In a way, one finds what one expects to find and searches for.
    The find of King Richard III’s remains shows this excellently and why in all the research and university methodology, Philippa Langley was so very crucial and important for the outcome.
    There are exceptions with chance finds, but even here you need to know what importance the things might have you stumble upon, whereas most artefacts are lost, when not found by someone who understands their value for research and history or even understands that they are artefacts and not e.g. a rusty clump of earth hindering you to plant something or a bothersome stone.
    So now, let us have a closer look at my speculations about the ‘Roman Nail’ and the position King Richard III’s body was found in:

    Please continue reading the following speculations only if you have a rather strong stomach and can stand anatomical and biological details after death.
    If not, please start below with the “King Richard III”-News and the newest articles from the press.

    The position King Richard III was found in his grave, makes it likely that his hands had been tied together when he was positioned into the grave. After 3 or more days of exposure of the corps to the public, death rigidity would have faded by now and the hands otherwise would have slipped from this unnatural position he was found in.
    But why did the friars dump him so unceremoniously?
    Depending on the temperature (August can be warm and humid), the body would have started to show the early signs of decay and might have already exuded a strong smell, if not even his stomach accid might have already broken through. For certain, his heavy head wounds would have started to smell abominably and might have been pestered by flies and … (I leave the rest to your gruesome imagination).
    But the reasons for dumping King Richard III quickly in his grave might not only have been pressure by the new King Henry VII, but quite understandably also human reactions and necessities.
    The more it is praiseworthy that they did take his body and buried him in a significant spot in their church.
    The one aspect which had always astonished me about the burial was the ‘Roman Nail‘ in close proximity to King Richard III. It had been found so close to him, that at first it had been reported as an arrowhead potentially lodged in his back close to his spine.
    But why would a ‘Roman Nail’ turn up in a grave for a hurriedly dumped king?
    Either it was by accident and the monastery was based on earlier Roman foundations, which lie eaxctly as deep as the friars dug the grave. This for me is a rather weak argument, as in this case other artefacts of the time would show the level of earth as a Roman foundation, but those signs are missing or at least not reported so far.
    Or, the friars intentionally put the nail into the grave together with the King.
    Potentially used as reliquaries, the Roman nail could have had religious importance, especially when believed to have had significance or a connection to the crucifixion of Jesus, but even symbolical, the importance and religious connection still is strong, especially when the nail really derives from Roman times. For example the Pope till in our days wears a ceremonial robe with a broad band where Roman nails are embroidered in, to show the wounds Jesus had to bear for us.
    The Roman nail could have been used as reliquary to ease the way of the deceased king, but also could have been a symbol for his wounds received for his people.
    In both cases, it might have been a very valuable and holy symbol of his time, given to him by the friars in honour and true sympathy for King Richard III.

    ♛ King Richard III ♛

    Historians begin their research by speculating about the importance of certain facts found in King Richard III’s grave, like his curved spine and the consequences they had for his life.
    From speculation the following sound research can reveal, if actual events and mentions in resources give foundation to the speculations and prove them as having been actual fact.


    The King is Found – Long Live King Richard


    ♛ King Richard Armitage ♛

    News concerning the film project(s) right from the interview of Philippa Langley with Ben Jackson (BBC Radio Leicester, 07.02.2013 after 3 p.m.):
    Philippa Langley:

    He [Richard Armitage] is pitching it [the Richard III movie project] in LA as we speak.


    People have said he [Richard Armitage] is too tall, but he has just played a dwarf.

    The interview should be ready for download or to re-listen on the BBC Radio Leicester website shortly.

    ♛ King Richard III ♛

    YouTube video of the research results revealed at the press conference on Monday, February 4th, 2013, uploaded by the University of Leicester.
    “The Search for King Richard III – The Scientific Outcome”

    (Source: University of Leicester )


    ♛ Battle of the Cities ♛

    I had so much hoped that the War of the Cities could come to a good end which would satisfy all involved cities. Now it seems, the fighting finally comes to an end.
    I hope all involved parties, fiercely fighting for the King, will find benefit in the final decision in favour of the Cathedral in Leicester.
    Here some news reports and the breaking of the news about Leicester Cathedral:


    King Richard Armitage and Fan News

    A big THANK YOU to Philippa Langley for keeping her believes and continuing so straightforward on her way to find and honour King Richard III.
    I hope this find will motivate researchers of all scientific subjects and also especially historians, to now have a closer and more extended look at the material, in cooperation of disciplines, with now available new technologies, in a digital and globally connected world where worldwide archives become more and more easily available.

    ♛ King Richard & His Fans ♛

    Before I start with selected fan- and King Richard-news, I must ask for a bit of patience.
    KRA was so overwhelmed with comments, requests and messages that currently we are still sorting through all the mails. We try to get up to date as fast as possible, but it might still take a few days, till all requests and mails can be answered. So please stay with us, we will answer every mail and contact form request sent in.
    We very much cherish your feedback and offers of help and thank you very much for getting in contact with us !
    Now to King Richard and his Fans:


    BBC Radio Leicester announced that Philippa Langley will join them for a live interview this week, Thursday, 07.02.2013, after 3 p.m.
    On Monday, 04.02.2013, there had been an open Q&A session with Prof. Lin Foxhall and Philippa Langley about the researches in Leicester. The Q&As still are open to see here:
    Channel4 – Q&A with Prof. Lin Foxhall and Philippa Langley
    I unfortunately did not get my questions answered and so, for completion’s sake, post them here:

  • Is this find with all its media attention able to change the public opinion about King Richard III and if not, what would eventually be able to create a new public opinion about King Richard III?

  • Why did the friars not move King Richard III’s body, when they built the sarcophagus paid by Henry VII’s?

  • What will this find now mean for the Richard III Society? (Especially because Ms Philippa Langley mentioned that they were in discussions with the Leicester City Council to give the society archive into the care of the intended Richard III Museum in Leicester.)
    I had hoped for much more details about the King in the documentary by Channel4, but the documentary showed, that the film team had not really believed to find King Richard III and so had swapped the deeper research into the topic.
    A big THANK YOU to Philippa Langley for not letting anything deter her from her way to find King Richard III.

    ♛ King Richard III ♛



    ♛ Battle of the Cities ♛


    As those two articles show, the Battle of the Cities did not come to an end with the official declaration of Leicester Cathedral as last burial place for King Richard III, confirmed by the Ministry of Justice.
    Our poll about the cities gets attention once again.
    We want to mention, as also comments flood in about this topic here on divers places, that the KingRichardArmitage website is neutral in this question.
    Many supporters of King Richard III take the position that his written instruction to hold sermons for him and his family in York Minster reveal his wish to be buried there. This is one of the possible interpretation of his actions, while the burial places of his wife and son might contradict this interpretation to some extent.
    We will report about news regarding this topic, but won’t take sides.
    We welcome ‘non-discriminating’ discussions and comments on our poll page, especially created for this topic, but also need to state that personal attacks will be deleted or withheld from being published, here and on our related Facebook site Richard III for Richard Armitage!

    Thank you for all your support and help !

    If you miss interesting articles here, please let us know. We continue to build the Press Coverage pages
    and will specially create an area about the researches and research results around King Richard III.

    Richard Armitage Agrees to Play Richard III


    ♛ King Richard Armitage ♛


    • The Herald Scotland: Hobbit actor lines up role as Richard III, by Kathleen Nutt (02.02.2013) – Philippa Langley reveals that Richard Armitage has agreed to play King Richard III in her now finished screenplay about King Richard III:


    Ms Langley contacted Armitage, 41, who plays dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s blockbuster, and says he agreed to take on the role. Armitage has also starred in a number of television series including Spooks, Robin Hood and the Vicar of Dibley.


    (Read the full article here.)


    News & Philippa Langley about Richard Armitage


    ♛ King Richard III ♛


    • CNN: Richard III: The mystery of the king and the car parking lot, by Bryony Jones (01.02.2013)
      A detailed and detail rich article about the search for King Richard III with new quotes from the research team and screenwriter Philippa Langley, who also talks about Richard Armitage as King Richard III:

      She has even been in talks with Leicestershire lad turned Hollywood hero Richard Armitage — last seen as Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit” — to play the king.

      “He was born to play the role,” she explains. “He’s an amazing doppelganger for Richard III, he was born a couple of miles from Bosworth on the anniversary of Richard’s death, and he was even named after him.”


    • Yorkshire Evening Post: Make no bones about it – find could be a king, by Stuart Robinson (02.02.2013) – About researcher in the Leicester project, Bob Woosnam-Savage (Royal Armouries’ curator of European edged weapons), who worked on a possible reconstruction of the battle events leading to King Richard III’s death. News about this reconstruction announced for the press conference on Monday, 4th of February, 2013.

    • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: ‘R’ marks the spot where skeleton found in Leicester car park, by Peter Warzynski (02.02.2013) – King Richard III left a spooky mark in the car park?

    • The Independent: Is the body in the car park really Richard III? At last, the answer, by Steve Connor (01.02.2013) – About the research and expected revelations in Monday’s press conference.
      (As the article was temporarily unavailable while entering this news, here is the pdf-file of the article.)

    • The Telegraph: The hunchback is dead – long live Good King Richard, by Chris Skidmore (01.02.2013) . Chris Skidmore is evaluationg King Richard III in his role as a king and the blackening of his character later on. He concludes, “Richard was a formidable fighter” and will publish a book about King Richard III later this year:
      ‘Bosworth’ by Chris Skidmore (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, published on April 23) is available to pre-order from Telegraph Books at £18 + £1.35 p&p. Call 0844 871 1514 or go to

    • The Telegraph: Carpark skeleton: row over new burial site for Richard III, by Nick Collins (01.02.2013) – The question about the reinterment is not solved yet. The Battle of the Cities still is going on, not to speak about the battle of confessions.


    Waiting for King Richard


    ♛ King Richard ♛


    • BBC Radio Leicester: Richard III: Leicester’s search for the last Plantagenet king – Documentation about the archaeological research in Leicester and King Richard III, with lots of interviews and interesting facts. (26. / 30.12.2012)
      — AVAILABLE only for a limited time (about 7 more days) – So HURRY ! —
      – David Baldwin (Author with publications about King Richard III)
      – Andy Smith (Richard III Foundation)
      – Richard Buckley (University of Leicester)
      – Michael Morris (UoL – Found human remains in the trench in Leicester)
      – Richard Taylor (UoL – Press conference 12.09.12)
      – Sir Peter Soulsby (Mayor of Leicester)
      – Prof. Lin Foxhall (UoL, 12.09.12)
      – Michael Ibsen (Relative in female line with King Richard III)
      – Dr. John Ashdown-Hill (Historian and key researcher in the search for King Richard III)

      Philippa Langley (Initiator, Screenwriter & Member of the Richard III Society)

      “It’s about time that King Richard III got his turn” [and gets his own film]. Life of King Richard III is “gold dust” for a screenwriter.

      And Philippa Langley’s comment about Richard Armitage:

      He [Richard Armitage] is my number one favourite for this part [as King Richard III].
      He is the most incredibly talented actor. You know, I am a huge fan of the work that he has done.

      The relevant part is right at the end of the interview. In the version I can access right now, the end is cut off. I hope this will be corrected with the planned next airing of the documentary on 01.01.2013.


    • National Geographic News: Body Under British Parking Lot May Be King Richard III, by Heather Pringle (28.12.2012)

    • Yorkshire Post: Winter of discontent as we await the truth (24.12.2012)

    • Who’s Richard Armitage? – by Esther Ng, The New Paper (23.12.2012)
      Plans of Richard Armitage about King Richard III:

      What’s new?
      Armitage hopes investors will come forward to fund the filming of Richard III, a project that he has been working to get off the ground for a few years.
      Armitage intends to play the 15th century English king who was believed to have murdered his nephews in a bid to grab the throne. Richard III was the last English king to be killed in battle on English soil.
      Incidentally, Armitage was named Richard as he was born on the anniversary of Richard III’s death on Aug 22.

    A Historical Chance…


    ♕ Fall in Splendour ♕

    The schedule is set for our collective reading of
    “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Kay Penman.
    Fanny/iz4blue has announced the details on her blog!
    Distracted Musings of one ReAlity
    If you want to join in and still need a copy of the book, please consider to make your purchase via the link at, where reference fees will go to the charities selected by Mr. Armitage. Thank you!
  – Print & Kindle edition
    Reference fees gained through links at the KRA website also go to the RA-charities.

    ♛ KRA Solutions 2012 ♛

    KRA Quizmaster Servetus
    Servetus, our quizmaster of the KRA Quiz 2012, has a wonderful collection of information about and around the correct answers and where the solutions to the scavenger hunt can be found.
    It is a wonderful collection of information about Mr. Armitage and King Richard III and interesting to read, even if you did not try the scavenger hunt:
    King Richard Armitage Week 2012 puzzle solution [sources]

    ♕ Leicester News ♕

    For all of us, who can’t attend tomorrow’s opening of the Leicester carpark to see the archaeological progress for themselves, the University of Leicester publishes updates and news. Here the latest very promising news of today: University of Leicester

    Ms. Philippa Langley describes the latest finds in Leicester:

    The discovery of Herrick’s garden is a major step forward and I’m incredibly excited. In locating what looks like one of the garden’s pathways and, potentially, its central area which could have once held the three foot stone pillar marking the location of King Richard’s grave, we could be that bit closer to finding the resting place of Britain’s last warrior king.

    Here are some images and examples of the finds:

    1. Fragments of what could be the east end window of the church. (Image credit - University of Leicester)

    Fragments of what could be the east end window of the church. (Image credit – University of Leicester)

    2. Fragments of what could be the east end window of the church. (Image credit - University of Leicester)

    Fragments of what could be the east end window of the church. (Image credit – University of Leicester)

    Lead window came (The H-section leading that supports stained glass windows) from the Grey Friars church (Image credit- University of Leicester)

    Lead window came (The H-section leading that supports stained glass windows) from the Grey Friars church (Image credit- University of Leicester)

    Medieval silver penny found at the site. (Image credit - University of Leicester)

    Medieval silver penny found at the site. (Image credit – University of Leicester)

    Philippa Langley, from the Richard III Society, in Herrick's garden. (Image credit - University of Leicester)

    Philippa Langley, from the Richard III Society, in Herrick’s garden. (Image credit – University of Leicester)

    Stone Frieze which may be from the Choir stall. (Image credit - University of Leicester)

    Stone Frieze which may be from the Choir stall. (Image credit – University of Leicester)

    The official announcement of the opening day tomorrow, 8th of September, 2012 from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m., by the Leicester City Council.

    Petition - Status !

    As of October
    3rd, 2015, 9 p.m. (CET)
    we have 2391 signatures.

    Go to sign...


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