Happy Birthday to King Richard Armitage

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Happy Birthday,


♛ King ♛ Richard Armitage !


No hurricane can distract you,
no mountain is too high,
no dragon poses an invincible threat
to you, our ♛ king ♛ of hearts, fans and films!


As once again the delivery of a birthday cake (see our last years attempt here) poses a few difficulties, as fans from around the world want to take part in baking it, we have the King Richard Armitage Week 2012 as our online present. Here we all can take part, share and participate in creating and celebrating.
I hope you all will join us in our event week!

♕ ♛ ♕

More details about our first day of KRA Week 2012 and what to expect during the week here:

  • We will present a special blogger of the day each day during the event week. This blogger has an article and information about King Richard III and Richard Armitage. Topics vary from fan articles to historic news and information.

  • We also expect brand new news about King Richard III during the week, about which we will keep you informed.

  • The event week also hosts a scavenger hunt with wonderful prices. (More details about the quiz below and here on the quiz-page.)

  • All information, links and news will be collected on the central “King Richard Week 2012” page on the website.

    ♕ Gratiana Lovelace ♕


    KingRichardArmitage 005

    (Captain America-Premiere, New York) – Source: www.richardarmitagenet.com

    Gratiana as our first KRA Week blogger of the day, has an interesting guest on her blog, who brings a very new perspective to King Richard III and our event week.
    We announced diverse perspectives, but this one really is special and unique!
    Gratiana acts as the spokesperson for Melissa the Mouse, a talented poet, who created a wonderful introduction to the event week in rhymes and verses.
    Have a look for yourself, how wonderfully talented a little and cute mouse can be:
    On Gratiana Lovelace’s blog Something About Love

    ♕ Further News of the Day ♕




    ♕ Contributors of KRA Week 2012 ♕










    • We also have a wonderful special guest, the 
      Richard III Foundation, Inc.
      who will join in with an article during the week and sponsors a price for the scavenger hunt. – So, don’t miss the quiz questions, published each day of the event week!
      They will have a King Richard III Conference on 13th of October 2012 and welcome members and guests !!! – For more information take a look at the program of the conference here.


    ♛ Scavenger Hunt ♛

    The quiz-parts can be reached here at this main quiz-page.
    New daily installments will be opened each day at midnight (U.K. time).
    The answers can be transmitted at any time till the 3rd of September 2012. (They do not need to be answered in any specific order, but please make sure you answer all parts you know, as you lose points otherwise.)

    Winners & Prices:

    • KRA Champion – selection via the most points achieved in the scavenger hunt. (If more than one participant have top points, the decision will be made by lot.)


    • Participation price – the winner, a random participant – independent of his achieved points – selected by lot, will be able to direct the accumulated GBP 91.- to the one (or more) charity he choses from the Mr. Armitage’s Just Giving page.


    • Free entry to the Conference of the Richard III Foundation, Inc. – taking place on 13th of October 2012 at the Dixie Grammar School in Market Bosworth with lots of interesting speakers and topics. More details here: Richard III Foundation-page
      (To ascertain, the ticket really goes to someone who can attend the Conference in Market Bosworth, we check this with a question in the quiz-forms. The ticket will only be given to someone who indicates he can attend and the candidate will be chosen by lot.)


    TIP for the scavenger hunt:
    To make back-solving of the answers easier for you, all the solution letters arranged in the right order will result in a Solution Sentence.
    The form with the right order for the letters can be reached here – or can be printed/downloaded via this pdf-file.

    As we want to make the quiz fun for all participants, we have some security measures in place, so that you can enjoy the participation. This also necessitates a few security questions, but we tried to keep them at a minimum.
    Your mail and personal data will be deleted after the quiz and all relating procedures to execute it, are over. So you need not fear a re-use of your data in any way.
    It remains for us now to wish you wonderful celebrations and a great event week!
    King Richard Armitage Week 2012 Banner

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