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Before we begin with day 2, here it the main site of the KRA Week 2012 and the scavenger hunt.

♕ Phylly’s Faves ♕


King Richard III

King Richard (Source:

Phylly is a well known blogger in the fan community, always bringing in very special angles to a topic or research.
Her last year’s article during the King Richard Week can be found here (Richard, King of Hearts) and is a real reading tip (!).
It is a wonderful review of the theatre history of King Richard III and Phylly discovers quite a change in the way King Richard III is played and interpreted in different Shakespeare versions on stage with lots of entertaining video-examples.
This year, she created a birthday list for August 22nd, 2012, where King Richard III has an (accidental ?) appearance.
A nice way to show, why we ‘celebrate’ and not only commemorate King Richard III in our KRA Week.

♕ Further News of the Day ♕


  • Servetus (Me + Richard Armitage) – Spend our Money! – Explains the details behind our scavenger hunt and charity procedure to get our money to the charity the winner choses.


  • Fabolaktuko (WhiteRoseWriting) – Come play with us! – Fabolaktuko shows that if you don’t want to spend our money, you still can ‘play with us’ and have fun!



  • TV-tip: Try to keep your eyes out for the BBC news and BBC Breakfast tomorrow, Friday 24th!


♕ TV-Documentation – King Richard III ♕

The TV-Documentation about King Richard III needs our help
Please support a filming of a documentation about King Richard III.
Take 2 minutes and voice your opinion on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of August, 2012 (U.K. time) to convince Channel 4 that it is a necessary endeavour and lots of people are already waiting for a documentation about King Richard III and his life, which will take into account all the new research results and finally bring some of the mis-constructions about this English king to an end.
You can put your comment here, to show your support:
Thank you !!!

♛ Scavenger Hunt ♛

Questions of Day 1 and Day 2 are online now!


TIP for the scavenger hunt:
To make back-solving of the answers easier for you, all the solution letters arranged in the right order will result in a Solution Sentence.
The form with the right order for the letters can be reached here – or can be printed/downloaded via this pdf-file.

King Richard Armitage Week 2012 Banner

2 Responses to KRA Week – Day 2

  • The search for Richard III’s remains in Leicester began on the 25th of August when Richard was officially buried over 500 years ago.

    The dig will not be open to the public, nor will the public be able to see the dig as its taking place. While we are encouraged to contact Channel 4 to film the dig, they will not do so unless Richard’s remains or something else significant is found.

    We have contacted Channel Four who are now saying they will not do a documentary because they feel there is no audience for it. The Foundation is in protest over their position, and we intend to raise the bar on why they should do a fair balance documentary on him (whether or not they find his bones).

    While I am hopeful they find his remains and those of others, it is equally important to learn more about the Grayfriars itself.

    Many historians write books about Richard III bringing in the portrayal of Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s play is annually done leaving people who don’t know of Richard III historically to go away and think that was is in the play is history. Well, we know that is not true.

    Richard III is never given a fair balance when books, films and documentaries are done. Isn’t it about time he received the opportunity to be portrayed accurately?

    It does not matter where you live. Anyone in the world who cares about Richard III, about history and about fairmindness should care to implore Channel 4 to take a stand and show Richard III in the true light – as one of England’s most maligned kings who did much good for his country and was betrayed on Bosworth field.

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