KRA Week – Day 4

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Before Day 4 information begins:
The KingRichardArmitage Petition has 900 signatures !!!
Thank you for all your support and help with spreading the word!
(We will send out reminder mails to the un-confirmed signers tomorrow, as they once again are more than 90 by now. Automated mails sometimes can go into the spam/trash-folder, so please check there, if you did not get a confirmation mail for your signature so far. Thank you!)
The main sites, the KRA Week 2012 and the scavenger hunt.

♕ Servetus – Me+Richard Armitage ♕


To all fans of Mr. Armitage, I need not introduce Servetus and her blog Me+Richard Armitage.
Her witty, thoughtful and thought-provoking articles, comments and examinations of fandom in all varieties and forms, is such an entertaining and addictive read that (Psst…, I must reveal it, I just can’t keep it a secret) she had 1.000.000 hits on her blog lately. If that is not a reason to celebRAte, especially during the KRA Week?

CongRAtulations, Servetus !
She posts about King Richard III and Richard Armitage each day of the event week, varying from historic to funny.
We have linked to her posts in the daily news (and I must give you a further recommendation – watch out for her tips to solve the scavenger hunt questions!):
Day 5 Quiz Tips

As creator of these wonderful quiz questions, she is allowed to do that. So Servetus is not only our blogger of the day, but also our quizmaster of the KRA Week 2012.
Her questions are tough, but a real champion can’t be determined by too easy questions, can he/she?
As I check the incoming results, I can further reveal, we have some who are on a really good way to become our KRA Champion 2012 !
And should I also reveal a bit about our price for the Champion? – As the final form depends a bit on the choice of the winner, we had not posted images of the price so far. We wanted to make it a badge of honour, the name of the winner will be added to one of the images on the side and the image put on a magnet, button or T-shirt, so the winner can choose what he/she prefers as a price and where best to show his/her championship.
Further articles by Servetus:
She recomments how best to Spend our Money! ?
Servetus’ analysis of a KRA-fangirl’s mind is one further example of her exceptional examinations! – Richard III won’t make me squee. Right?
And I must also reveal, Servetus gives tips and hints in her latest post to help with solving the quiz questions, so a look at all her latest posts is quite helpful, if you need tips for the scavenger hunt.

♕ Further News of the Day ♕


  • ITV – report with video coverage of the location and beginning of the digging in Leicester. Please follow the link to find more details and a video report about the start of the digging here at the website of ITV:


  • As the question about the sisters of King Richard III and their descendants occured in the comments, here a link to a detailed family tree of the Plantagenets.



♛ Scavenger Hunt ♛

Questions of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 are online now.


TIP for the scavenger hunt:
To make back-solving of the answers easier for you, all the solution letters arranged in the right order will result in a Solution Sentence.
The form with the right order for the letters can be reached here – or can be printed/downloaded via this pdf-file.

King Richard Armitage Week 2012 Banner

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