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Before we begin with day 7, here the main sites: KRA Week 2012 and the scavenger hunt. (All questions now available – solution transmissions till 3rd of September 2012 enter the drawing.)

♕ Richard III Foundation, Inc. ♕

The Richard III Foundation, Inc. for quite some time supports our efforts with the petition for King Richard Armitage. (See our interview with Ms. Ricca from August 2011)
They kindly provided us with material, a special price for our Scavenger Hunt and are burning for their and our topic King Richard III.
So it is an especial joy for me to present them today as our guests here during the KingRichardArmitage Week 2012.
We have general information about the Richard III Foundation here on the website, which also includes the schedule for their next annual conference, which will take place in Market Bosworth on Saturday, October 13th, 2012.

Their price contribution for the Scavenger Hunt – Free Conference Ticket for the annual conferenc in Market Bosworth on 13th of October 2012 with lots of interesting readings and research presentations.
The Richard III Foundation has two very interesting articles for us today, because they shed some light onto an otherwise difficult to determine aspect of King Richard III, his character:

  • Boar Badge of King Richard III by Joe Ann Ricca – A very interesting aspect and answering the question, why King Richard III felt the need to have his own badge, when he already had numerous signes from his family lines available.

  • Francis, Viscount Lovel by Joe Ann Ricca – A gripping account about friendship, trust and loyalty, between Viscount Lovell and King Richard III.

    ♕ Further News of the Day ♕


    • Servetus (Me + Richard Armitage) – Tips for the Scavenger Hunt – Participants are already doing very well ! You are all champions !!!







    ♛ Scavenger Hunt ♛

    All questions of the scavenger hunt are online now!
    Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and the Solution Sentence.
    Time to answer is till the 3rd of September, 2012 (till the last time zone).

    TIP for the scavenger hunt:
    To make back-solving of the answers easier for you, all the solution letters arranged in the right order will result in a Solution Sentence.
    The form with the right order for the letters can be reached here – or can be printed/downloaded via this pdf-file.

    King Richard Armitage Week 2012 Banner

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