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♕ Collective Reading ♕

Before we start with revealing the winners of the KRA Quiz 2012, so wonderfully created by Servetus, one news ahead of time:
On 23rd of September 2012
a collective reading of “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Kay Penman is intended to start.
Initiator is Fanny/iz4blue with her blog DistRActed Musings of one ReAlity.
News and schedule will be available at the end of this week at her blog and at the Facebook page ‘Institute of Armitage Studies‘.
We will keep you informed as well.
If you want to join in and still need a copy of the book, please consider to make your purchase via the link at, where reference fees will go to the charities selected by Mr. Armitage. Thank you! – Print & Kindle edition
Reference fees gained through links at the KRA website also go to the RA-charities.

♛ KRA Champions 2012 ♛



We had a lot of participants trying their luck in the scavenger hunt and most of them did really well with all the questions.
Four participants just were top and got not only all questions right, but also in a speed and accuracy which was astonishing.
It therefor was so very hard for us to decide, who of those four knowledge champions, should win and be our

KRA Champion 2012

So we came up with the idea to share the price and give badges of honour to all four of our KRA knowledge champions.
Here are the prices and options. The chosen itemn will get an individual inscription for each of the four KRA Champions:

KRA Quiz 2012 - Button

KRA Quiz 2012 – Button

KRA Quiz 2012 - Magnet

KRA Quiz 2012 – Magnet



The KRA Champions 2012 are:


  • Berta Martínez
  • Claire Clauss
  • Mezz
  • Fabi


The Winner to decide, where the donation goes, is:

The collected donation is £ 91,- and the charities which can be chosen are the selected charities of Mr. Armitage, assembled at his Just Giving page.

  • IngeD3


Winner of the conference ticket by the Richard III Foundation:


  • Carol McKenzie

A big Thank You to Ms. Joe Ann Ricca from the Richard III Foundation, Inc. for donating this extra price for the scavenger hunt! (See her late articles published on KRA here.)
Now, that the winners are drawn by lot, we can reveal the Solution to the KRA Quiz 2012. They also can be found on our quiz page and for those, who still want to have a go and test their knowledge, the questions are still open and solutions are kept separate to spoil nothing for you.

You want to know more? Servetus can help…

Servetus, our quizmaster coming up with those wonderful questions leading you all through fandom and history, will do a more in-depths explanation with links, tips and background information soon!

♕ Leicester News ♕

Opportunity for all those at or in the area of Leicester:

  • The University of Leicester announced that this weekend, on Saturday, 8th of September 2012, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., the digging location is open for the public. Please consider, that interest is high and there might be queues and parking at the location is not possible, as it is used differently right now. More details can be found here: Leicester University about Search for King Richard III


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