560th Birthday of King Richard III


Happy Birthday, King Richard III


It is hard to tell, but I hope he is very content with the results of the digging in Leicester and the news coverage he, as king of over 500 years ago, could reach in modern times.
We at KRA were really raking our brains what present we could give a king to his 560th birthday.
See what Servetus came up with at her blog Me + Richard Armitage:
Trendy birthday gifts for late medieval English kings
Rose RG 3
A present, we are sure would please King Richard III, is more information about his life and easy access to it, so we chose to start with two projects to easily enable access to details about his life:
Rose RG
The first project is related to the currently collective reading of “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Kay Penman:
Figures – Index, which is expandable into a more general reference of persons connected and in some relation to King Richard III.
Rose 2 RG
The other one is a time table about events about King Richard III’s life and related events:
Please don’t judge too harshly right now, as both works are still at the beginning and work in progress.
Help is welcome at any time!

♛ Richard III – Conference ♛

As the Richard III Foundation especially hold their annual conference in October, because it is the birthday month of King Richard III, today is a very fitting occasion, to remind of their next annual meeting, where guests and non-memebers are very welcome as well.
They hold their annual conference in Market Bosworth on Saturday, 13th of October 2012.
The program is:

  • Dr. John Alban “From Ashwellthorpe to Bosworth: a Yorkist Soldier”
  • Dr. Craig Taylor “Chivalry and the Wars of the Roses”
  • Steve Goodchild “The Arrival: The Role of Richard, Duke of Gloucester at Twekesbury”
  • Mike Ingram “The Road to Bosworth”
  • Mark Downing “Military Effigies in the Yorkist Age”
  • Dr. David Hipshon “The Princes: Contemporary Assumptions”
  • David Baldwin “The Character of Richard III”

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., the conference will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude at 5:00 p.m.
Symposium at Market of Bosworth about “King Richard III”
(Dixie Grammar School, Market Bosworth)
2012 Conference Registration Form (pdf-file)
The day before, on Friday 12th, there is opportunity to a battlefield walk, held and explained by Mike Ingram, who has excellent knowledge about the battle, the area and the historical details. His book, “Bosworth 1485” is a real treasure full of information, background knowledge and thought provoking details.

♛ KRA News ♛

Maria Grazia at her blog Fly High posted her review about the new book by Philippa Gregory “The Kingmaker’s Daughter”, the story of Anne Neville, the later wife of King Richard III.
Read about the female perspective on history and a completely new approach to tell the story of Anne Neville and Richard III.

♛ Leicester News ♛



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