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“The Sunne in Splendour” – Chapter 1 – 5

The discussion of the first 5 chapters of “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Kay Penman began on Twitter yesterday.
Please keep in mind in the discussion, to only discuss the current chapters and if you like make backward references to the already read chapters, as participants are still reading the new chapters. So please don’t spoil the surprise and reading experience for them.


♛ Collective Reading ♛

Some already asked, that the use of a small range of names for various appearing persons is confusing in the ancestry of King Richard III and subsequently in the book of Sharon Kay Penman.
To help you with getting through, here is a family tree of the Plantagenets, to help you.
Servetus posted questions and interesting discussion points on her blog Me+RichardArmitage, to kick off the collective reading this week:
Are you ready for the Richard III rumble?
Some further questions and possible discussion entry points are here:

  • Sunne 1: Why does the book start when Richard III is already about 7 years old and not at his birth?

  • Sunne 2: What does Richard III learn in the first 5 chapters, to make this entry point so important to make it a starting point of the story?

  • Sunne 3: What character traits does Richard III show and do/don’t they make him a likable hero of the story?

  • Sunne 4: What historical sources are there for Richard’s early days of childhood?
    Discussions beyond these topics are very welcome, also on the collective main page for the reading event at Fall in Splendour 2012.

    If you want to join in, new participants are welcome at any time!
    If you want to join in and still need a copy of the book, please consider to make your purchase via the link at, where reference fees will go to the charities selected by Mr. Armitage. Thank you!
  – Print & Kindle edition
    Reference fees gained through links at the KRA website also go to the RA-charities.
    Initiator is Fanny/iz4blue with her blog DistRActed Musings of one ReAlity.
    News and schedule will be available at the end of this week at her blog and at the Facebook page ‘Institute of Armitage Studies‘.

    Schedule of the collective reading

    on Distracted in Reality
    (Also available for Google Calendar there.)

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