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  • CNN: Richard III: The mystery of the king and the car parking lot, by Bryony Jones (01.02.2013)
    A detailed and detail rich article about the search for King Richard III with new quotes from the research team and screenwriter Philippa Langley, who also talks about Richard Armitage as King Richard III:

    She has even been in talks with Leicestershire lad turned Hollywood hero Richard Armitage — last seen as Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit” — to play the king.

    “He was born to play the role,” she explains. “He’s an amazing doppelganger for Richard III, he was born a couple of miles from Bosworth on the anniversary of Richard’s death, and he was even named after him.”


  • Yorkshire Evening Post: Make no bones about it – find could be a king, by Stuart Robinson (02.02.2013) – About researcher in the Leicester project, Bob Woosnam-Savage (Royal Armouries’ curator of European edged weapons), who worked on a possible reconstruction of the battle events leading to King Richard III’s death. News about this reconstruction announced for the press conference on Monday, 4th of February, 2013.

  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: ‘R’ marks the spot where skeleton found in Leicester car park, by Peter Warzynski (02.02.2013) – King Richard III left a spooky mark in the car park?

  • The Independent: Is the body in the car park really Richard III? At last, the answer, by Steve Connor (01.02.2013) – About the research and expected revelations in Monday’s press conference.
    (As the article was temporarily unavailable while entering this news, here is the pdf-file of the article.)

  • The Telegraph: The hunchback is dead – long live Good King Richard, by Chris Skidmore (01.02.2013) . Chris Skidmore is evaluationg King Richard III in his role as a king and the blackening of his character later on. He concludes, “Richard was a formidable fighter” and will publish a book about King Richard III later this year:
    ‘Bosworth’ by Chris Skidmore (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, published on April 23) is available to pre-order from Telegraph Books at £18 + £1.35 p&p. Call 0844 871 1514 or go to

  • The Telegraph: Carpark skeleton: row over new burial site for Richard III, by Nick Collins (01.02.2013) – The question about the reinterment is not solved yet. The Battle of the Cities still is going on, not to speak about the battle of confessions.


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