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Today ends this year’s fan-event “FanstRAvaganza 4“.
It in a very extraordinary way shows the wide variety of supporters and fans of Richard Armitage.
We participated with our King Richard III topics here, but the variety and artful creations during and beyond the event are rather unlimited.
The curiosity of fans seems endless.
King Richard III currently causes such a lot of different opinions and heated discussions.
This awakened my curiosity to find out the opinion among our readers about all these options for King Richard III’s re-interment.
As we are not influenced by marketing or tourism interests nor by local patriotism, but watch these discussions from a rather neutral vantage point, we dare to take up the heated discussions and ask the difficult question what would be the best way to proceed.
So instead of doing a King Richard and Richard Armitage Quiz at the end of FanstRAvaganza 4, as initially intended, here comes a poll about central questions of the current debate about King Richard III’s re-interment:
Location and Procedure for King Richard III’s re-interment (Poll 4)
I hope we collected the most interesting options for you and you will enjoy participating.
If you miss some options you would have rather liked, please leave your suggestions in the comment area on the Poll page. Thank you!

♛ King Richard III ♛



KingRichardArmitage - FanstRAvaganza 4 Banner

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