Friendship, Coronation and Burial


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  • MattLewisAuthor (Blog): The Lost Coronation of King Richard III, by Matt Lewis (06.07.2013) – Recommended background reading about King Richard III’s coronation together with his wife Anne Neville.

  • South China Morning Post: Finding King Richard III’s body a triumph of science and scholarship, by Angelo Paratico (07.07.2013) – Well deserved praise for Philippa Langley and Dr. Ashdown-Hill for their part in the research about King Richard III. With a well informed excursion about the Venetian writer Catherine de Pizan, who unwittingly helped in King Richard III’s downfall.

  • Fly High! (Blog): Richard III and the Other Anne – Author Guest Post by Elizabeth Ashworth (08.07.2013) – Are you of the opinion that not enough misdeeds of King Richard III are known so far? Authors are free to invent new background to his story in novels. Read more about this very interesting way to make King Richard III plausible and a flesh and blood character for current audiences. “By Loyalty Bound” by Elizabeth Ashworth is about King Richard and his lover Anne Harrington (not his wife Anne Neville). The book is presented in a guestpost on the blog Fly High! by Elizabeth Ashworth: “Richard III and the Other Anne”.
    With quite interesting arguments for this relationship, but for me exactly the noble lineage of the lady makes the connection somewhat implausible. As for me she would have more likely been a marriage candidate than a ‘silent and forgotten’ lover of King Richard III. Though I don’t want to influence you with my doubts and am looking forward to your comments and what you think about this ‘new’ royal affair.

  • LiveScience: New dig at King Richard III’s gravesite turns up medieval pottery, by Megan Gannon (08.07.2013)

  • University of Leicester: Public can watch as archaeologists unearth history at Richard III dig site (10.07.2013) – The archaeological digging done currently in Leicester can be viewed and visited from Wednesday, July 10 to the end of July, with opening hours from 9am to 4pm.

  • University of Leicester (Flickr): Richard III – The Grey Friars Dig Part 2 (10.07.2013) – With interesting updates from the current digging and excavations in Leicester.
    Pictures from the first dig and a good coverage of the crave site where King Richard III was found is in the Richard III gallery.

  • University of Leicester: Experts create 3D map of Richard III’s grave (10.07.2013) – More details about the location where King Richard III was found and a method to preserve the gravesite for future generations in a virtual way.

  • University of Leicester (Blog): A wonderful section of floor tiling still in tact, by Charlotte Barratt – Richard III Outreach Officer (10.07.2013) – Some colour around King Richard III’s grave.

  • Yorkshire Post: Yorkshire discontent as rivals lay claim to Richard, by Paul Jeeves (10.07.2013) – Did you think the battle between the cities was over? Not yet! The next round is about the truth about King Richard III or rather about bending the truth to use him as a means for advertisments.

  • 3D Map Of Richard III’s Grave Created Using LiDAR, by Lawrence LeBlond (11.07.2013)

  • Grantham History buff from Grantham finishes book 20 years on (11.07.2013) – The statement in the article that there are no other books about Francis Viscount Lovel is not correct. Perhaps the wonderful article about Francis Viscount Lovel by Joe Ann Ricca (from the Richard III Foundation) and my comment there together with this new book by Richard Hogg “‘Loyalty in Me Lieth’: King Richard III and Francis Viscount Lovel” can get you started with having a closer look at this fascinating friendship surpassing death.
    E.g. there are:
    Marian Palmer (about 1958)
    “The White Boar” and “The Wrong Plantagenet” (Lovell Duo)
    Christopher Rae (2011/2012)
    has two books from the perspective of Francis Lovell as well:
    “G – Loyalty Binds Me” (Part 1)
    “G – God and My Right” (Part 2)

  • Viewing Platform Erected At Richard III, Grey Friars Dig Site, by Lawrence LeBlond (12.07.2013)

  • Richard III find inspires festival of facts and fun, by Peter Squires (12.07.2013) – In this article a few events centering specially around King Richard III in Leicestershire are presented by Peter Squires out of the range of archaeological events on ArchaeologyFestival.


♛ Richard III – Announcements ♛


  • 17th July 2013, 9 p.m. – BBC Two: The Real White Queen and Her Rivals

  • 14th July 2013, 2 p.m. – Bosworth Battlefield Centre
    Professor Caroline Wilkinson will hold an illustrated talk about her work of the craniofacial reconstruction of King Richard III’s head.
    (Tickets cost £ 10,- and include entry into the Bosworth Battlefield Exhibition.
    Place is limited and advance booking essential!
    Telephone: 01455 290429 – Bosworth Battlefield Centre)

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Richard III: Leicester Cathedral £11.3m plans approved (by BBC East Midlands, BBC News)

October 4, 2018

The battle for Bosworth field: Historians react to decision to build on battlefield where Richard III died (by Rachel Dinning, BBC History Extra)


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