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♛ King Richard III ♛

Those two, gold & wisdom, not necessarily go together.
The gold for the Museum of York…
The wisdom at the conference of the Richard III Foundation…

  • Harborough Mail: Richard III’s character may be disputed, but he would have made a good ruler, by Chris Brady (15.07.2013) – Report about the talk at Wycliff Lutterworth U3A by Liz Brandow.

  • The York Press: Richard III gold badge set to be auctioned (15.07.2013) – That King Richard III is worth gold, the Yorkshire Museum already seems to have recognized and uses it to raise money for further museum acquisitions.

  • ThisIsNottingham.co.uk: New take on old classic; Teenage filmmaker Jordan McGibney has modernised Shakespeare for his latest short film that is getting an airing at a national festival…, by Liam Coleman, Nottingham Post (15.07.2013) – Have no closer information about the film, but the title “Richard III: A Memoir of a King’s Love” in combination with Shakespeare somehow suggests that it is about King Richard III and his wife Anne Neville. From the article/interview I am just not sure.
    If you have a chance to see the film, please let us know!
    The film will be shown this week till Friday at the Film Festival at Bradford’s National Media Museum. More details on the Festval Website: www.co-operative.coop/filmfestival/.

  • ThisIsLeicestershire.co.uk: Leicester Cathedral calls for the speedy resolution of the Richard III reinterment licence, by PA:Warzynski, Leicester Mercury (16.07.2013) – The Dean of Leicester Cathedral pleads for a speedy resolution in the ‘Battle of the Cities’ and the legal battle with the Plantagenet Alliance, who opposes the burial in Leicester and demands the license by the Ministry of Justice granted to the University of Leicester should be revoked.
    If you want to show where your favours lie, our poll about the ‘Battle of the Cities‘ is still open.

  • BBC News: Richard III remains: Reinterment delay ‘disrespectful’ (16.07.2013) – King Richard III patiently waited almost 500 years till somebody took heart and searched for him. Thanks to the persistence of Philippa Langley, this endeavour was taken up. Don’t you think he might be patient enough to await his burial to be done properly?

  • ThisIsLeicestershire.co.uk: Claire’s white rose is fitting tribute to king, by Peter Warzynski, Leicester Mercury (17.07.2013) – A Rose in memory of King Richard III. Official service for King Richard III on 22 August 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

  • ThisIsLeicestershire.co.uk: End delays to legal case over Richard, by Leicester Mercury (17.07.2013) – The legal decision about the burial place seems to be further delayed. Leicester Cathedral is worried, as preparations for a decent burial for King Richard III are under way and may – in case of the legal success of the Plantagenet Alliance – may become in vain.

  • Fitzg (Blog): End the Wars of the Roses – NOW (18.07.2013) – An ‘inofficial’ and humorous decree by Fitzg, our esteemed guest-blogger, about Gloucester Cathedral, the deserved, but mostly overlooked burial place for the rightful ‘Richard, Duke of Gloucester’. May this decree be able to end the long lasting new “Wars of the Roses/Cities”?

Guestpost on KRA!


  • BBC News: Richard III: Cathedral confirms new £1m tomb plan (18.07.2013) – First pictures of tomb design for King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. Now it becomes more understandable that Leicester Cathedral also wants the legal go sign, to proceed with the tomb and ceremonial preparations.
    Image shows artist's impression of overhead view of raised tomb at Leicester Cathedral (Source: van Heyningen and Haward)

    Image shows artist’s impression of overhead view of raised tomb at Leicester Cathedral (Source: van Heyningen and Haward)

♛ Richard III – Announcement ♛


  • To plan ahead, here the dates and speakers list of the conference:

    Richard III conference 2013 of the
    Richard III Foundation


    Friday / Saturday – October 11/12, 2013

    The full description with more details about the schedule and speakers and the registration form are in a separate post here.

The conference is
open to the public !
Not only for Foundation members.


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