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  • (PressRelease): Richard III: Martyr or Monster? The Shocking Truth Behind Shakespeare’s Bloody Tyrant, by Kultur International Films Ltd (01.08.2013) – This film production by does not seem to be connected with the video-DVD of the TV documentary in two parts “Richard III: The King in the Car Park” and “Unseen Story”, though I can’t find the title on the website yet.
    As announced on this Kultur-website, the DVD will become available on 27 August 2013. A short trailer is already available on this site as well.

  • Royal Central (Blog): The Real White Queen? A Defence Of King Richard III, by Matt Lewis (02.08.2013) – A very enlightening background comment about the TV series “The White Queen”.
    An interview with the author of this post can be found here: Interivew with Matthew Lewis – author of the book “Loyalty”, by Karen Kilrow (13.07.2013)

  • Bosworth buzzing about first re-enactment since Richard III discovery (02.08.2013) – This year’s Bosworth Battlefield Re-Enactment Event is taking place on the weekend 17th/18th of August, 2013.

  • University of Leicester: Emotional end of final dig at Richard III site (05.08.2013)

  • Royal Central (Blog): Anne Neville – The Bad Queen? By Sean Okeeffe (05.08.2013) – Was Anne Neville, the queen about which history has nearly no reliable resources at all, really the bad queen as whom she was depicted in the latest episode of “The White Queen”?

  • Royal Central (Blog): The Defence of Richard III Part 2 – The Foundations of Evil, by Matt Lewis (06.08.2013) – Was King Richard III guilty of all the crimes he was accused of? Follow this gripping series of articles by author Matt Lewis, exploring the background and coming to a verdict at the end of each article.

  • Richard III, the king in the car park, is coming to the island (05.08.2013) – That now would be a resting place for the king. Sorry ! Don’t want to heat up the discussion again, but the headline lead my thoughts astray. The king unfortunately is not coming himself, but Richard Buckley from the University of Leicester, as the further article on the Isle of Man website ‘King in the Car Park’ Archaeologist to visit the Island, by Charnwood Tails (05.08.2013) reveals.

  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: Historian claims he was ‘airbrushed out of king story’, by Peter Warzynski, Leicester Mercury (06.08.2013) –
    Quote of a ‘Spokesman’ for the University of Leicester:

    We had to go through Richard’s lineage again, and verify the work which was carried out more than 10 years ago. We can’t have everyone at the press conference. Perhaps we should have invited the creator of DNA fingerprinting as well, seeing as he played a part?

    This in my opinion for once is a situation, where a ‘spokesman’ should not have spoken, but rather should have taken the time to research the background of the topic he was talking about. Dr. Ashdown-Hill over years researched the connections and relationships and later irrelevant sidelines, to find the valid one leading into our time, which could possibly be used for a DNA analysis. The University of Leicester – don’t think I am making accusations here as their work is a valid and necessary one as well – just had to confirm an already extensively researched line of ancestry and could rely on the previously done work, which in total was a matter of mere months.
    As this is only one aspect of many, where the finding of King Richard III heavily relied on the previously done work by Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, that is really not the best way to cope with one of the main contributors to the search.


  • First Thing: No Catholic Burial for Richard III, by Mark Movsesian (06.08.2013) – See what religion and strawberries have in common.

  • My Debonair Affair (Blog): King Richard III, by michellejimenezp (07.08.2013) – New art project for Richard Armitage as King Richard III ! Updates about the progress of the painting will follow shortly.

  • Richard III visitor centre gets go-ahead, by DanJMartin (07.08.2013)

  • BBC News: Richard III museum plans in Leicester approved (07.08.2013) – With a few more pictures of the planned center than the previous article, though no further information.


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Colin Baker to star in film about discovery of Richard III’s remains (by Harry Fletcher,

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March 22, 2015

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