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King Richard Armitage Week 2013


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21st – 28th of August, 2013

KRA-Week 2013-02
The page for the event is already created and available, though content there will be added from 21st of August, 2013, the beginning of the event, onwards.
Safe the date, take part in the upcoming quiz during the event week and enjoy fan-tastic history with us.

A few days more to live …

Not only happy memories are connected with the 22nd of August, though surely a certain Birthday lets the fandom of Richard Armitage celebrate this day. (You can leave your Birthday Wishes at specially destined places in the fandom. Thankfully Servetus created a special list of the options, to help you find the place of your choice.)
What makes this time in August especially significant to me is the fact that King Richard III’s remains were found on the estimated day his remains were buried by the Franciscan friars in their church in Leicester. So maybe the king has a certain sense for anniversaries and their special significance.
In this sense, let’s celebrate and commemorate his life, the life of a wonderful actor and the sensational find, bringing all strings magically together – in Leicester.
Commemoration and Re-Enactment of the Battle of Bosworth
begins already before the actual event
on Saturday, 17th of August 2013 !
For more information, please visit the Bosworth Battlefield website about this year’s:
Anniversary Re-Enactment of the Battle of Bosworth (17./18.08.2013)

♛ King Richard III ♛


  • Liverpool Daily Post: I can’t accept Richard III sounds like a pantomime country bumpkin with a terrible nose cold, by Laura Davis (08.08.2013) – I am not alone with my reservations. Though my doubts are more along the lines of the well nourished head replica, while King Richard III in sources is mentioned as rather slim and ascetic looking, which the portraits – unfortunately no exact one survived from his lifetime – would confirm.

  • The Framework Blog: August Is Hot: Proud Moment, by Violet (12.08.2013) – Violet discovered
    sensational news
    about the film project and the developed script by Philippa Langley. The name “Blood Royal” for the script is revealed on her publisher’s website: Macmillan, where her next book “The King’s Grave” is due to be published in October 2013. Read more about Violet’s discoveries here!

    Blood Royal” reminds me quite a lot about the genealogy of the Plantagenet.
    Here e.g. The Clarence Volume: “The Plantagenet Roll of Blood Royal […]” by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval.
    The Preface might especially be interesting for someone researching European Royalty.


  • Royal Central: The Defence of Richard III Part 3 – To Kill A King, by Matt Lewis (12.08.2013) – See also the previous parts in this series of defence by Matt Lewis: part 1 and part 2

  • Science 2.0 (Blog): Battle Of Bosworth – The Last Stand Of Richard III Located (14.08.2013) – Interesting article, though the result and statement “Richard III. Popular among no one in England” may be arguable – as it certainly does not pay off for a king to champion those who cannot write and bring their voices to paper for later generations to hear, against someone who willingly manipulates the story told by paying for his own version and destroying the rest.

  • White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts (Blog): King Richard Armitage Week 2013 Coming Soon, by Fabolaktuko (14.08.2013) – Please note the name of the blog. Fabolaktuko will join next week’s KRA-event !

  • ThisIsNottingham.co.uk: Scientists work to reveal secrets of King Richard III, by Bryan Henesey (14.08.2013) – Scientists are trying to find out more about the life King Richard III lead, what he ate, what illnesses he had, where he lived and traveled, …
    Results of the research by Prof. Jane Evans and Dr. Angela Lamb are expected for the end of 2013!

  • FirstThings.com (Blog): Perry Dane on Richard III (14.08.2013) – Comment to the original article we mentioned in last week’s news updates about the rite for King Richard III‘s burial ceremony by Mark Movsesian.


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