KRA Week 2013-1: The Beginning – Quiz-Prize & Historical Literature – Author Isolde Martyn

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♛ KRA Week 2013 ♛

The KRA Week 2013 begins…
Gratiana Lovelace already spread the word about KRA week. Have a look at her wonderful image of King Richard III Armitage !
We will have daily posts on the KingRichardArmitage website and a variety of posts will appear on participating blogs.
Our posts will vary from fan-appreciation to a wide selection of interviews here on KRA.
Participants of the Quiz throughout the week (till 27 August 2013, till midnight [GMT]) will participate in the drawing and can win one of our two print versions of “The Devil in Ermine” by Isolde Martyn. (More details here.)
We will keep you updated on this central page of the event, where all links and posts are collected:
King Richard Week 2013
We hope you will enjoy the event and the wonderful knowledge shared by our interview partners
and wish you a good and enjoyable time with lots of Mr. Armitage-celebration and information about and around King Richard III.
Best wishes,

♛ Quiz ♛

KRA Quiz 2013

Simultaneously to this post, the quiz is opened up and the quiz questions become available.
As those who participated in the congenial quiz by quizmaster Servetus last year already will know, we request of you to enter your name and e-mail address to participate.
This is to ascertain that we can select a winner for the quiz, but also to avoid spam and double entries.
As we want to make the quiz fun for all participants, we have some security measures in place, so that you can enjoy the participation. This also necessitates a few security questions, but we tried to keep them at a minimum.
Your mail and data will not be shared, but is only used to execute this quiz.

Please note:
Quiz entries till the 27th of August, 2013 till midnight (GMT) take part in the drawing
and among the most complete and correct answers the two winners will be selected by random number.

We have two print-book give-aways about a very central aspect and turning point of King Richard III’s life.
We hope the lucky winners will enjoy this insightful historical novel by Isolde Martyn.
More about this book and its author here:

♛ The Devil in Ermine – Isolde Martyn ♛

Author Isolde Martyn
with her extensive knowledge about King Richard III and his life, has supported us here on the KingRichardArmitage website already with a presentation (interview 26.08.2011) of the Australian research group
The Plantagenet Society of Australia.
and also gave us an interview (14.03.2013) about her book about Jane Shore, mistress to King Edward IV, “Mistress to the Crown”.

In this interview presentation in March, I had already announced Isolde Martyn’s new book “The Devil in Ermine” coming out soon and reviewed my pre-version a bit:

I am currently reading Ms Martyn’s book “The Devil in Ermine“, which will come out shortly (Yes, I have a pre-version ;o)
And I can tell you, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I am in total awe of this well researched and gripping depiction of the decisive year 1483 in King Richard III’s life seen and told from the perspective of his cousin, the Duke of Buckingham.
The revolt by Buckingham, the reasons, the background are so well told that I really feel for the characters described in the book and see all the motives so well coming together and building the story. The book really has gripped me.
(I will let you know as soon as the book becomes available. – I know I am cruel here, stoking your curiosity, while I am already reading it ;o)

I am really happy to be able to have this wonderful book as our prize of this year’s quiz.
I hope the quiz winners will enjoy it as much as I did.
Isolde Martyn’s insightful and well researched interpretation of the upheaval and intrigues of the year 1483, the year King Richard III came to power and is betrayed by the Duke of Buckingham, is gripping like a crime novel.
To my surprise, I must admit, as I am normally hesitant with historical fiction, but rather read historical research. But Isolde Martyn’s fictionalisation is so very fact based and for me was such a psychologically understandable version of the events, that all the intrigues and motivations of the historical figures acting so wildly during the year 1483 finally came together and made sense to me.
So to all who want to get a clearer understanding to why King Richard III changed so much at the beginning of his reign and could not become the benevolent and magnificent king he could have been and would have had the ability to become, I recommend this highly fascinating revelations.

Take your chance and take part in the quiz to win one of our two print-editions of “The Devil in Ermine” here.

♛ Battle of the Cities ♛



♛ King Richard III ♛




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As those signers might have overlooked the first confirmation mail, we send out new confirmation mails today.
Thank you !

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