Fan-Art: Riikka and her King Richard III – King of Ghosts

With Riikka, we present an artist from Finland, approaching the fan-art topic from the historic and a ‘fantastic’ side. Her wonderful creations tell an own story. But before we share the King Richard art, let us introduce




to you in the following interview:


Regarding her amazing work, we could not prevent asking, if Riikka is a professional book illustrator or graphic artist.

I’m not an illustrator yet, I’m on training. I’m studying art […] in Finland. Yes, I’m a Finn and I had no ties to England and sometimes my fellow men think that my interest is quite odd.

As King Richard Armitage website, our interest not only is in King Richard III, but also in the actor, Mr. Richard Armitage. What is your connection and how did you come accross this actor, Riikka?

The first time I saw Mr. Armitage was a pure chance. I wrote on the Google’s search bar simply “King Richard III” because I was searching some new ways of approaching and I saw his face. Then I took a closer look… I thought he looked nice and some way he looked like King Richard in a way which no other actor before him had looked like.
At first I didn’t know his name but one of my friends knew and then I saw his fan page at Facebook…

What interests you most in King Richard III?

Well, that’s a tough one…
It’s quite hard to explain but I’ll try. I was 10 and a half when I and my mother moved to another town and to me it was hard to adjust to a new surrounding. Then one night we watched “Black Adder” and there I saw him and it was love at the first sight. Since I live in Finland there was not much of information about him in our library so I had to order all those books about him from USA or England. Because of the lack of information I made up stories about him and on some level I felt a strong cohesion to him and it helped me to carry on through the difficult times.

Would you like to share some of your favourite inspirations with us?

I have quite few of favorites but here are the very best:
Sharon Kay Penman, Freda Warrington and Joan Szechtman. They are all novelists who have made the best ones of all the Richard III novels.

Can you share a for you very special moment determining your interest in King Richard with us?

The most special moment in my whole life was when I entered into King Richard III’s museum at York. After 13 years of waiting I finally got there, it was like stepping through the gates of Heaven.

How did you come to do drawings / paintings?

I have been drawing since I learned how to walk and when my mother gave me a pen and a blank sheet of paper I knew at once what to do with them. I can still remember when I first saw King Richard I made a quick sketch about him and the rest is history.

Drawing and painting are like the air I breath if I would not be allowed to do them I would suffocate. And besides this every time when I want to see my dear King all I need to do is to paint my way into his kingdom.

King Richard is my only passion and all my art works are related to him in one way or another. He is my greatest inspiration and muse.

Do your friends / familiy / colleagues share your fandom / admiration for King Richard?

Some of my friends at Facebook are as big fans as I am but they live in England or USA, I have never met them face to face but we send emails to each other almost daily.

King Richard doesn’t have a strong foothold in Finland and many of my class mates or teachers don’t care so much to get to know of him.

Riikka, your picture series shows a whole back-story around her King Richard creation.

Yes, I have made up quite plenty of “sagas” around of my paintings. I have a quite wild imagination and I’m very happy to share my stories about Richard to those all who are willing to listen. In my stories he is known as “The King of Ghosts” and he rules all kinds supernatural beings at a mythical place called Medviga. But you must forgive my “simple lines” because English is not my native language.

We are very much looking forward to Riikka’s story now and hope, to get glimpses and more insight into her further stories and phantasies around King Richard III, her King of Ghosts!
Thank you very much for this interview and perspective of a dedicated King Richard III fan!



To optimally present Riikka’s wonderful picture story to you, we wondered how best to do this. So we came up with the following solutions:
We decided to give you different options,

  • either the direct link to the pictures
  • a photo story via MyMiki
  • and a photo film on YouTube.


We hope you enjoy the presentations of the story of King Richard, king of Ghosts:

Link to the pictures at Elfwood.


MyMiki – Embedded story-book:




Embedded Story as video on YouTube:


[The video is also available on VIMEO (Password: richard).]


Thank you very much, Riikka, for letting us present you here together with your wonderful creations in support of King Richard III.



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Richard-Fan-Art page

Here you find a collection of fan-art and links to all related blog posts.


Have lots of fun and enjoy !


P.S.: Please contact us here when you are ready with your creation. We are looking forward to present you and your work on KingRichardArmitage.

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Fan-Art: Bccmee and King Richard III

One artist I am sure I don’t need to introduce to you is bccmee.

Phylly interviewed her earlier this year: Interview with bccmee (16th of March 2011)

Bccmee is well known from her blog, her wonderful videos and lately for her gif-month in October 2011.
She is a generous and talented artist and currently shares her knowledge about gif-creation with her blog readers.



In accordance with her October gif-month, she created a wonderful King Richard III scene.
Here comes the gif version:


Richard III gif by bccmee


This scene  to me gives the impression of a commitment or with sound even of an oath to King Richard III.
I don’t want to hold back the full video, where bccmee used this scene at the end, starting at about [2:26]


Bccmee together with Phylly also found an impressive sign, that Richard Armitage indeed is the right actor to play King Richard III, as even the Houses of Parliament in London crown him ;o)
Here comes a King Richard (alias: Lucas North) in a signature picture by bccmee:

bccmee - King Richard (Lucas North)


Thank you, bccmee, for such impressive statements regarding Richard Armitage as King Richard III.



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Have lots of fun and enjoy !


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Fan-Art: Stormy Looking Richard III Guy


Richard Fan-Art – The Beginning


The fan-art event is starting today and we are beginning with the presentation of the artful creations, sent in by you, one per week.

Right up at the beginning, we present our first contributor.

Our very lovely and supportive artist answered some questions about herself to us, yet, she wants to remain unnamed here.

So now, before presenting her creation, we let her speak a bit, how she came to fandom, Richard III and her artwork:

Asked about why she wanted to remain unnamed, she kindly answered:

… the way I look at it, it isn’t about me, it’s all about Richard and a project dear to his heart!  ;D

What great heart and unselfish support for our King Richard Armitage!

She very eloquently expressed her interest in Richard Armitage:

I suppose I have a bit of an obsession with him … but in the nicest possible way!

Why would Richard Armitage be the ideal candidate to play King Richard III?

I adored RA’s portrayal of Lucas North … he played the complexity, vulnerability and strength of the character so well … shame about the awful mish-mash that was series 9! I know Lucas had to be written out, but it was so clumsy, not the “elegant” exit that Richard wanted at all … and what a missed opportunity to delve into his Russian past!

Regarding her choice of subject and interest in the historic topic, our artist answered:

I chose that face for him because one of the most important aspects of choosing an image for a successful manip in my humble opinion is finding an image with the right colouring, lighting and angles. I also felt that to maintain one’s position in the world around that time, must have been a hard job requiring determination and “grit” especially if, as RIII did, one grew up surrounded by violence and greed! To show weakness would not have been a good thing! ;D
I’m English and as a child was brought up on the Plantagenet/Tudor dynasties (father Lancastrian, mother from Yorkshire!) so had an interest in this period for many years.

And her choice of fan-outlet is:

My main creative outlet is in Photoshop … Richard inspires me! I’m also starting to learn vidding. […] I do lots of these doodles for relaxation … in fact I started another Richard III but I never did get around to finishing it!

That we really enjoy to hear, as we may hope for further additions and wonderful fan-art about our King Richard Armitage ;o)

Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution!


My first idea regarding this picture was: What a stormy expression.

If I would have been one of his enemies, I would have run away and hid in fear of his wrath, which he expresses in such a fierce way here in this picture.

That bears the question, what would have been, if his enemies at Bosworth would have done the same and Richard III consequently would have won the battle?

If you like, join in on our hypothetical mind game and musings, and speculate with us.

Please leave a comment about your version of what might have happened.


My version is:

  • No Tudor dynasty
  • Perhaps an English – Spanish Plantagenet dynasty, overcoming France and creating a united European political map much earlier than our European Union.
  • If Richard Armitage would have been in the position of King Richard, in my opinion, he would have won all hearts and would have had no need to stop with Europe ;o)


What do you think, might have happened?

Historically absolutely free and wild speculations welcome !


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Have lots of fun and enjoy !


P.S.: If you want to join in and take part in creating Fan-Art about King Richard Armitage, please let us know and get in contact with us here. Thank you!

Fan-Art-Event: Who Loves Countdowns ?

Fan-Art banner small


October went by in a hurry and blur of activities around our KingRichardArmitage Fan-Art Event.

The last day of October came much too early for quite a few of us, not only, because bccmee’s gif-month is coming to an end as well.
So we came up with an updated deadline for the Fan-Art Event.


We already have wonderful results and contributions we are burning to present to you.
We will start to present the results, beginning with the first

this Wednesday (November 2nd, 2011)

and will continue with our presentations on a weekly basis.


So for all of you, who could not make it till the end of October, you have more time and we welcome your contributions at any time.

Have fun and enjoy the creative inspiration of our King Richard!


Don’t feel discouraged that you could not make it till the end of October. We know by our own experience this month, that life always wants to get a hand in on our well laid out plans – and what would life be if it could not throw some surprises in – boring. The fan community of Richard Armitage certainly is not boring and so keep working on your projects.

We welcome your participation!


For all who celebrate it, have a nice and scary Halloween and for all with a holiday tomorrow, enjoy your free day!


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Happy Birthday, King Richard III

Today, the 2nd of October, is the

559th Birthday of King Richard III.

We now know how to congratulate a king, but as a birthday cake, not even a virtual one, would not reach our king, our congratulations must do without a cake.


Happy Birthday, King Richard !


To please our king and as a kind of a birthday present, we have started a Fan-Art page.

Fan-Art Banner - KingRichardArmitage

As a kick-off, we thought about a special event with individual presentation for all participants and their contributions who take part till the end of October 2011.

Contributions are welcome at any time, but the first brave enough to try their skills with topics around Richard Armitage and Richard III deserve an extra bonus!

So we came up with plans for a:


Fan-Art Event (October 2011):

What we have to offer to those brave participants:

  • a presentation of the fan-art (form is open and up to you) on the KingRichardArmitage-Website
  • promotion on participating blogs
  • an interview with you (if you like),
  • an analysis of the fan-art (if you like) from Servetus on Me+RichardArmitage.

Only condition:

  • Topic must be related to Richard Armitage and Richard III in some way.


Now it is only for us to wish you lots of fun and enjoyment with forming and creating your ideas. We are very curious with what ideas you come up with, as we are convinced the creativity of RA-fans knows no bounds, and look forward to your projects.


Thank you for taking part and we wish you a great time!



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Petition - Status !

As of November
2nd 2019, 8 p.m. (CET)
we have 2471 signatures.

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