• BBC News: Richard III remains: Judicial review hearing starts (March 13, 2014) –

    Philippa Langley intervenes decisively in the High Court hearing about King Richard III. Might further legal actions endanger the dignity of a king, who, beyond being an extraordinary archaeological find, also is a human being?


  • Hucknall Dispatch: Anne Ayres guest column: The magic of King Richard III, by Anne Ayres (March 13, 2014) –

    Personal view on the late developments about King Richard III from a Ricardian perspective, with interesting insights in King Richard III and his achievements.


  • BBC History Extra: Richard III: a ‘car park king’ timeline, by Emma McFarnon (March 13, 2014) –

    A timeline and explanation how dispute cumulated in the current High Court hearing and conflict about King Richard III’s last burial place.








  • Yorkshire Post: Outcry at secret deal on King’s remains (March 12, 2014) –

    When ‘old’ politics become ‘new’ politics – or rather the other way around?
    Julian Sturdy, MP for York, with a democratic apporach to a late Medieval monarch.



  • BBC News: Richard III: Does it matter where he is buried?, by Ben Truslove (March 12, 2014) –

    Highly interesting overview of positions in the ongoing ‘battle of the cities’. Quoting Shakespeare about Richard III really is a daring concept in the already heated battle, but what a quote to answer a necessary question: “Does it matter where he is buried?” – “Alas, why would you heap this care on me?” (Shakespeare “Richard III”)




  • Hinckley Times: Village should be jumping on King Richard III’s bandwagon, by Karen Hambridge (March 11, 2014) –

    Stoke Golding, the village with the part of the battlefield, where King Richard III supposedly died, will preserve this area and commemorate King Richard III. – Though, may be, as a first step I would suggest to repaint their ‘Welcome’ sign. Otherwise it looks as if their position in looking at the ‘Battle of Bosworth’ is partial and not in favour of King Richard III.


  • Leicester Mercury: University will retain rights on reinterment, by Neil Parpworth, Principal Lecturer in Law, Leicester De Montfort Law School (March 11, 2014) –

    Legal background of the High Court procedure to review the decision of the University of Leicester for a Leicester burial. What can the review reach and what not? A really interesting analysis of a court procedure and its intended ‘limited’ effects.





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