• Loughborough Echo: King Richard III tourism initiative targets visitors to England, by David Godsall (February 12, 2015) –

    King Richard III as tourism magnet in this new one week Britain tour, even though he has to share his popularity with Shakespeare and still must endure the bard’s version of his life’s story.




  • ITV News: Interactive Richard III open day ahead of reburial (February 4, 2015) –

    Opening Day on Saturday 21 March 2015 at the University of Leicester previous to re-burial ceremony week of King Richard III will give visitors an interactive experience of research and ceremonies.


  • BBC News: Petition calls for Catholic ceremony for Richard III (January 23, 2015) –

    What rules our present time and consequently defines our treatment of every human being? How would you like to be treated, when you no longer can decide? With decency or as a scientific object? – That is not just a ‘scientific’ question, but for King Richard III a very acute and real one.
    When the initial plans had been made about the excavation, clear plans had been stated to keep his bones in a holy place, a catholic church, till final arrangements of a burial could be made. This for diverse reasons and arguments had not been the case, but King Richard III lies in a scientific place, supposedly well cooled and preserved to study. A petition tries to change the interim phase, till King Richard III will be buried in Leicester Cathedral on 26 March 2015.


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: New petition calls for the king’s remains to rest in a Catholic chapel, by Peter Warzynski (January 23, 2015) –

    The more extended version of the motivation behind the petition the BBC so erroneously titled “Petition calls for Catholic ceremony for Richard III”. The ceremony is not the sole purpose of the petition, but the for a king and human being rather undignified storage in an university vault for safe keeping. As human remains normally are ‘stored’ in churches and their special sanctuaries for the dead before burial, this petition tries to rectify this ‘scientific storage’ and tries to bring King Richard III’s remains to a church and holy place to make amends for this ‘inadequate treatment’ of human remains and treat King Richard III like all other deceased, as a human being.
    But my hopes for a success of this petition are minor, as the authorities play for time and evade the purpose of the petition by distracting and pretending it demands something different from what is its real purpose. Leicester Cathedral’s official statements also makes it a Catholic / Anglican controversy, which I find rather inappropriate.


  • Leicester Mercury: The Big Question: Should Richard III lay in a Catholic chapel before he is reinterred at Leicester Cathedral?, by Peter Warzynski (January 23, 2015) –

    Leicester Mercury holds its own poll about the new petition for King Richard III to get, what everyone else in our time automatically gets when dead and not yet buried.
    Though clearly the media still do not get the point of the petition:
    The point of this petition is not, that King Richard III gets his (missing or otherwise) catholic ceremony, but that his human remains, like for any other human being in today’s world, would be stored in a place of worship and be accessible for commemoration before burial and not a scientific storage vault at a university. The discussion about this petition in the media is completely off topic.
    The petition is not, to raise enmities between confessions,
    it is not to redo or pronounce King Richard’s Catholicism (which by the way he was not, as the divide and definition did not even exist yet),
    it is also not against Leicester Cathedral, as it seems to presume,
    it is also not against the UoL, though they seem to feel threatened by it as well.
    I am neither connected to the petition nor to Leicester Cathedral, nor to any other of the involved parties, nor do I have any special interest in a Catholic ceremony. But the off topic media discussion is astonishing and in my opinion a concerted effort to play for time. A disgrace for humankind and it is a sad impression of human compassion. Because after all, King Richard III might have been King of England, but in the end, he is a human being who deserves to be treated as one.




  • BBC News: Richard III coffin rosary blessed at priory (January 7, 2015) –

    Historian Dr. John Ashdown-Hill gives King Richard III a special rosary on his way, which will be buried with him in his coffin.
    Putting a rosary in a grave with the dead is a special Catholic tradition and a very sensitive way to uphold a ritual King Richard III might have known and appreciated.



  • Live Science: Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014, by Megan Gannon (December 25, 2014) –

    ‘Richard III’s twisted spine, kingly diet and family tree’ make it into the new cooles archaeological discoveries of the year 2014 ! Read more under no. 5 of the article, but also the other discoveries of the year 2014 are very fascinating.


  • Hinckley Times: Countdown to the reinterment of Richard III – day 14, by Emma Ray (December 25, 2014) –

    According to the Croyland Chronicle, King Richard III had excessive festivities around the time of Christmas. As King Richard also was know for his love of music and dance, that would mean quite an enjoyable Christmas time. I hope you will have wonderful days as well.


  • MurreyAndBlue (Blog): Richard III’s back!, by Murrey and Blue blogger team (December 18, 2014) –

    Explanation by an expert and osteopath of the exact extent of the scoliosis of King Richard III compared to the supposed kyphosis expected because of Shakespeares depiction of the king as a hunchback.


  • Washington State University News: King’s DNA throws a curve ball; WSU scholars weigh in, by Linda Weiford (December 18, 2014) –

    The identity of the found skeleton in Leicester is confirmed, but where did the marriage infidelity occure, which King Richard III now revealed in the male line of his supposed relative’s descendants? King Richard III reveales mysteries, which will further occupy scientists and researchers.



  • Leicester Cathedral: Public Ballot for King Richard lll Services, by Diocese of Leicester (December 5, 2014) –

    The announcement of the procedures to allow people around the world to be invited to the festivities of King Richard III’s reburial in Leicester in March 2015.
    The ballot will open on 12th December and will end 31st December 2014.
    Online-link to the ballot: Leicester Cathedral Ballot


  • Nerdalicious (Blog): What do King Richard III’s Latest DNA Results Really Prove?, by Dr. John Ashdown-Hill (December 3, 2014) –

    Is Queen Elizabeth legitimate? This question was the most important for a lot of journalists, seeing the DNA research results about King Richard III.
    Dr. John Ashdown-Hill now can definitely answer this question, if King Richard III can threaten a throne even more than 500 years after his death.


  • Akte Richard III wird geschlossen, by Martin Burger (December 2, 2014) –

    One of the few articles about King Richard III in German language, but author Martin Burger certainly got something entirely wrong, when he states “file Richard III will now be closed, as all mysteries about the king are now solved”.
    King Richard III holds many more mysteries than just his ancestry and relatives or his hair or eye colour. To separate legend from truth in minor aspects of his story is just the beginning to get a closer understanding of the king, his life and reign and will occupy many more researchers in the future, now that research proved to be able to change historical ‘facts’ and ‘beliefs’, even after more than 500 years.


  • Leicester Mercury: MERCURY MAILBOX: Debate over King Richard III simply cannot be buried, by Pete Hobson, Acting Canon Missioner, Leicester Cathedral (November 19, 2014) –

    Pete Hobson, Acting Canon Missioner of Leicester Cathedral makes an open statement about the plans and procedures for King Richard III in March 2015, to lay the king and people’s worries to rest. The ceremony – expressly not a ‘celebration’ – is intended with dignity and respect.
    While the historical dispute(s) about King Richard III can’t be settled till then and will require further debate and especially well founded research.



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