• Leicester Mercury: Richard III: Historian accuses University of Leicester of ‘destroying’ parts of skeleton, by Peter Warzynski (February 24, 2014) –

    Where is the limit of our presumed ‘right to know’, also what real result compared to researches enabled by testing the living population of England does the University of Leicester expect from King Richard III’s bones and DNA? Dr. Ashdown-Hill and the initiators of the search, the ‘Looking for Richard’ group, defends King Richard III against the University of Leicester’s desire to do a full DNA scan and for that destroy parts of his bones. The full DNA scan in essence can only reveal, where his (DNA dominant) ancestors came from (which for most Europeans is somewhere around India), while the research will tell us nothing about King Richard III himself and how he acted and how for example he treated his nephews, his wife, his subjects, etc.
    So you see, my interest in the full DNA research is rather limited, as it will not reveal anything about King Richard III’s story and position in history. Except perhaps his tendency for some illnesses, but as King Richard III did not die in bed, but on a battlefield, that is not overly significant for his life as well.


  • murreyandblue (Blog): The Audley Case of 1431, by sighthound6 (February 24, 2014) –

    Sighthound6 compares a previous case of disputed legitimacy decided by parliament in the year 1431 with Richard III becoming king by decision of parliament. Was King Richard III a legitimate or ruthless ruler, powerhungry and a monster or do some facts exist which speak in his favour? See for yourself, to what conclusion Sighthound6 comes …


  • Hexham Book Festival (Event): Philippa Langley – The King’s Grave: the Search for Richard III (February 20, 2014) –

    Event chaired by Sheilagh Matheson presenting Philippa Langley and her search for King Richard III at the Hexham Book Festival 2014.
    Location: Theatre, Queen’s Hall, Hexham
    Date: 5 May 2014
    Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm
    (Tickets for the event can be booked online.)


  • Talk about finding Richard III (February 20, 2014) –

    On Saturday 8th March, 2014 at the All Saints Centre, Common Road, Huthwaite at 2 p.m. Philippa Langley is guest at the ‘Notts and Derby Richard III Society’ and will hold a talk about the search for King Richard III.
    Guests are welcome. (Entry fee is: £4)



  • (Blog): Richard III – The Unburied King, by Olga Hughes (February 18, 2014) –

    Anne de Mowbray, 8th Countess of Norfolk, and King Richard III share a fate, but there is a big difference in their treatment and research of the year 1965 and 2013.
    If you are concerned about the treatment of King Richard III’s bones, there is a new E-Petition (UK residents / worldwide).


  • Ockham’s Razor (ABC, RN Australia): How archaeology is turning monarchs into superheroes, by Jill Hamilton, Presented by Robyn Williams (February 18, 2014) –

    Though I don’t agree with surprisingly many aspects of this radio program and article, I add it here for completeness sake.
    King Richard III as superhero is an aspect I just need some proof to even consider. For now, I rather see the general interest in him more in the way of curiosity for someone ‘extreme’ and ‘infamous’. Finding him after over 500 years just helps to add to his curious state in history.

    Just one side aspect of the presentation which rises my hackles: History (indistinctly thrown together with archaeology here) is no science with methods in the view of the presenters (where you can expect me to disagree fiercely, spending years myself to learn the methods). Though history and its results only start to become ambivalent, when they are selectively used for politics and propaganda and no longer remain a science of research in a wider spectrum.


  • Cotswold Journal: Sudeley Castle opens private rooms to the public (February 16, 2014) –

    The replication of King Richard III’s head will be on display in one of his former possessions, Sudeley Castle, from 2nd to 15th of April 2014.
    Philippa Langley will hold a talk and booksigning there on Thursday, 3rd of April 2014 and historian Alison Weir on 4th of April 2014.








  • University of Leicester (YouTube): Richard III – The Whole Genome Sequence, by UniversityLeicester (February 11, 2014) –

    Interview with Dr. Turi King about the coming DNA-analysis of King Richard III.
    The DNA can reveal much, but can tell us nothing about King Richard III’s character. So don’t fear, the riddle about him being good or bad will remain as hot as ever for future generations.



  • Matt’s History Blog: A Perfect Coup, by Matt Lewis (February 10, 2014) –

    Very convincing summary of the conflicts and situation at court Richard III was forced into after the death of his brother King Edward IV and the plots and machinations of William, Lord Hastings.






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