Press Coverage 2013



  • Reuters U.K.: England’s lost king: is Richard III buried under a car park? – Announcement of the TV-documentary on Monday 04.02.2013, 9 p.m. (Channel 4) and good overview article about King Richard III and his bad image created by William Shakespeare. (31.01.2013)

  • Channel 4: Richard III: Richard III. The King in the Car Park
    Channel 4 – Preview / Announcement of the documentary on Monday (04.02.2013 at 9 p.m. [U.K.]):

  • Channel 4: Richard III night at Channel 4 (02.02.2013) – Consisting of
    – Fact or Fiction: Richard III – Tony Robinson tries to come to a conclusion if King Richard III killed his nephews.
    – Princes in the Tower


  • Decoded Science: The Secrets of the Bones: DNA Analysis and the Search for Richard III, by Natasha Sheldon (27.01.2013) – Article about details and procedure of the DNA research and a fascinating new trace of descendants to eventually verify King Richard III with mtDNA from two different relatives.

  • Channel 4: Richard III. The King in the Car Park – Schedule for the TV-documentary produced by Channel 4 showing the archaeological and laboratorial researches by the University of Leicester and interviewing participants and the initiator of the research, Philippa Langley.


  • Fans in clamour for actor to become king, by Gemma Peplow (23.01.2013) – KingRichardArmitage film-petition in the news!


  • The Telegraph: Richard III: Visions of a villain?, by Alastair Smart
    Mentioning the earliest remaining portrait of King Richard III, which is in the posession of the Society of Antiquaries in London, and compares it to later portraits, which slightly alter his appearance, to fit into the propaganda about an evil King Richard III.

  • Decoded Science: Rediscovering Greyfriars Church: A Historical Detective Story, by Natasha Sheldon – Very knowledgeable article about the historical research by Dr. Ashdown-Hill, which lead to the excavations in Leicester.


  • Herald Sun, Australia: Remains of Richard III appear to have been found in Leicester, by Charles Miranda, News Limited Network – The author of this article takes quite some liberties with historical detail, so don’t take this article all too seriously in that regard. Still, I wanted to list it, as it for once is an Australian article about King Richard III and the digging in Leicester.


  • The Wall Street Journal: Bones of Contention: If the Skeleton Is Richard III, Where to Bury It? – Article by Jenny Gross – I was really impressed that King Richard III was mentioned in this business newspaper, but not his economy improving measures in time of crisis are the topic here, but the modern implications of his last resting place and the ‘Battle of the Cities‘.


  • BBC News: Richard III dig: Conclusions to be revealed in weeks – The official results of the search and laboratorial examinations are announced for the 1st week of February 2013 !
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