Press Coverage 2014


♕ Press Coverage 2014 ♕

Selection of articles published about the search and discoveries about King Richard III and the search for the king in Leicester 2014:
(Articles of the year 2012 can be found here.)
(Articles of 2013 are collected here.)
(As most articles mix topics, no further sub-groups are built, but the articles are listed in chronological order. Newest articles at the top.)


  • Live Science: Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014, by Megan Gannon (December 25, 2014) –

    ‘Richard III’s twisted spine, kingly diet and family tree’ make it into the new cooles archaeological discoveries of the year 2014 ! Read more under no. 5 of the article, but also the other discoveries of the year 2014 are very fascinating.


  • Hinckley Times: Countdown to the reinterment of Richard III – day 14, by Emma Ray (December 25, 2014) –

    According to the Croyland Chronicle, King Richard III had excessive festivities around the time of Christmas. As King Richard also was know for his love of music and dance, that would mean quite an enjoyable Christmas time. I hope you will have wonderful days as well.


  • MurreyAndBlue (Blog): Richard III’s back!, by Murrey and Blue blogger team (December 18, 2014) –

    Explanation by an expert and osteopath of the exact extent of the scoliosis of King Richard III compared to the supposed kyphosis expected because of Shakespeares depiction of the king as a hunchback.


  • Washington State University News: King’s DNA throws a curve ball; WSU scholars weigh in, by Linda Weiford (December 18, 2014) –

    The identity of the found skeleton in Leicester is confirmed, but where did the marriage infidelity occure, which King Richard III now revealed in the male line of his supposed relative’s descendants? King Richard III reveales mysteries, which will further occupy scientists and researchers.



  • Leicester Cathedral: Public Ballot for King Richard lll Services, by Diocese of Leicester (December 5, 2014) –

    The announcement of the procedures to allow people around the world to be invited to the festivities of King Richard III’s reburial in Leicester in March 2015.
    The ballot will open on 12th December and will end 31st December 2014.
    Online-link to the ballot: Leicester Cathedral Ballot


  • Nerdalicious (Blog): What do King Richard III’s Latest DNA Results Really Prove?, by Dr. John Ashdown-Hill (December 3, 2014) –

    Is Queen Elizabeth legitimate? This question was the most important for a lot of journalists, seeing the DNA research results about King Richard III.
    Dr. John Ashdown-Hill now can definitely answer this question, if King Richard III can threaten a throne even more than 500 years after his death.


  • Akte Richard III wird geschlossen, by Martin Burger (December 2, 2014) –

    One of the few articles about King Richard III in German language, but author Martin Burger certainly got something entirely wrong, when he states “file Richard III will now be closed, as all mysteries about the king are now solved”.
    King Richard III holds many more mysteries than just his ancestry and relatives or his hair or eye colour. To separate legend from truth in minor aspects of his story is just the beginning to get a closer understanding of the king, his life and reign and will occupy many more researchers in the future, now that research proved to be able to change historical ‘facts’ and ‘beliefs’, even after more than 500 years.


  • Leicester Mercury: MERCURY MAILBOX: Debate over King Richard III simply cannot be buried, by Pete Hobson, Acting Canon Missioner, Leicester Cathedral (November 19, 2014) –

    Pete Hobson, Acting Canon Missioner of Leicester Cathedral makes an open statement about the plans and procedures for King Richard III in March 2015, to lay the king and people’s worries to rest. The ceremony – expressly not a ‘celebration’ – is intended with dignity and respect.
    While the historical dispute(s) about King Richard III can’t be settled till then and will require further debate and especially well founded research.







  • King Richard in Leicester (Website): Little known Facts, by Sally Henshaw – Richard III Society (September 30, 2014) –

    An overview of not well known facts about King Richard III. Especially point 10 is significant for a re-interpretation of King Richard III’s life, as it is a fact which was only found in archive material in modern times and certainly had not been common knowledge when Shakespeare wrote his version. The fact of the existence of those marriage arrangements sheds new light on the euphoria about an advantageous marriage of King Richard III’s niece Elizabeth, the later wife to Henry VI Tudor.




  • Hentry Tudor Society (Blog): The Lincoln Roll – the Princes’ Death Certificate?, by David Durose (September 26, 2014) –

    Is the mystery about the death of the Princes in the Tower finally solved and the ‘murderer’ finally revealed?
    David Durose from a dynasty roll in King Richard III’s family – of his nephew and designated heir of the crown, John de la Pole, the Earl of Lincoln – interprets the true happenings around the death of the princes and King Richard III’s involvement in the ‘crime’.





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March 26, 2015

Richard III reinterment: Order of service (by Peter Warzynski, Leicester Mercury)

March 26, 2015

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch read poem at King Richard III’s reburial (by Sam Adams,


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