Press Coverage 2014


♕ Press Coverage 2014 ♕

Selection of articles published about the search and discoveries about King Richard III and the search for the king in Leicester 2014:
(Articles of the year 2012 can be found here.)
(Articles of 2013 are collected here.)
(As most articles mix topics, no further sub-groups are built, but the articles are listed in chronological order. Newest articles at the top.)







  • Matt’s History Blog: The Will of Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, by Matt Lewis (June 23, 2014) –

    Author Matt Lewis in this article researches the last will of Anthonly, Earl Rivers, the brother of Queen Elizabeth Woodville, and his connection to King Richard III. Was was between those ‘similar’ personalities, beyond family rivalry – treason or trust?


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III helps boost tourism in Leicestershire, by Tom Mack (June 23, 2014) –

    Royalty as a driving force for the tourism industry is not such a new concept for Britain and so a King of England just does his ‘work’ in this regard, even if it is over 500 years after his death.


  • Andreas Bruns (YouTube Channel): Reburial of King Richard III , by BBC interview by Roger Phillips with Dr. Dominic Selwood (June 22, 2014) –

    Video of the BBC interview about the legal conflict about King Richard III’s burial place, as well as the tomb and ceremony:


  • The York Press: 529-year-old letter says Richard III ‘planned York mausoleum’, by Mike Laycock (June 20, 2014) –

    Timing is everything in life. So one wonders, why historian and Tory MP Chris Skidmore reveals his discovery now, when the appellation time for the York campaigners before the High Court is over. – Who wins, is the question here? Why reveal the discovery of a potentially clarifying letter by King Richard III too late to take effect in the High Court decision? Perhaps because York does shy the expenses for the burial, but a politician wants the media uproar?


  • The Globe and Mail: The Canadian connection to King Richard III, by John Allemang (June 20, 2014) –

    Michael Ibsen, relative of King Richard III and Canadian born cabinet maker in London, will design King Richard III’s wood coffin, which will be enclosed in the stone tomb lately revealed by the team of Leicester Cathedral.


  • University of Leicester (YouTube): Richard III – The Tomb Design, by UniversityLeicester (June 20, 2014) –

    Video about the newly revealed tomb design for King Richard III:


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: Ricardian Philippa Langley hits out at design for king’s tomb, by Peter Warzynski (June 18, 2014) –

    With so far 89% opposition (in a Leicester Mercury, not York based poll) against the revealed tomb design of Leicester Cathedral, Philippa Langley hardly is alone with her reservations against the minimalistic design of a deeply carved cross into a block of fossile stone.
    Is King Richard III meant to be the dinosaur of English history? Unexplained and misunderstood, though many try?


  • University of Leicester (YouTube): Richard III – The Tomb Design Press Conference, by UniversityLeicester (June 17, 2014) –

    Video of the press conference, where the planned tomb design for King Richard III’s burial in Spring 2014 was revealed:


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: Final tomb design revealed, by Peter Warzynski (June 17, 2014) –

    Vote in a poll about the newly revealed tomb design for King Richard III’s last resting place. (In the right sidebar of the article website.)
    Considering the poll is Leicester based, the clear result is remarkable. (At the state of writing this, 89% of the voters are against the revealed design.)


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: New tomb design revealed today, by Peter Warzynski (June 16, 2014) –

    Announcement of the new tomb design revealed by the Dean of Leicester Cathedral.
    Article contains a picture of the previous first draft of the design.



  • Richard III Dynasty Death & Discovery: Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester (June 16, 2014) –

    Website and online booking option of entry tickets for the Richard III visitor centre, which is planned to open on 26th of July 2014.



  • The Lancet: The scoliosis of Richard III, last Plantagenet King of England: diagnosis and clinical significance, by Jo Appleby, Piers D Mitchell, Claire Robinson, Alison Brough, Guy Rutty, Russell A Harris, David Thompson, Bruno Morgan (May 30, 2014) –

    King Richard III’s spine was a good way to discredit him and his reign in the past. Even now, arguments around his spine try to prove his evil character. The more value does this new research have in this regard, to show that King Richard III was able to have a quite ‘normal’ life with this spine anomaly, which even nowadays unfortunately is not so unusual and the causes for it still unknown.
    I hope the research will continue and King Richard III’s discovery gives a push for further research in the matter to help future generations and prevents this form of spine deformity, which can appear in the late childhood.




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