• Kev Mclean (Deutsche Welle): Are the remains of King Richard III causing a stir? – Interviews and report about King Richard and Leicester.


  • BBC News: Richard III dig: From cabinet-maker to kingmaker – Article includes a video interview with Michael Ibsen.

  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: Leicester City Council car park site to remain open – The trench where King Richard III is believed to have been found, will remain open for further investigations!


  • University of Leicester (www2.le.ac.uk): Greyfriars Project: protecting the archaeology – If you delayed your visit to Leicester to see the digging trenches some time later, your chance is gone for now. The trenches are being filled to preserve them for later excavations.


  • E-Petition U.K.: York now has an official e-petition running in its favour to become the last resting place for King Richard III: Initiated by Mark Cousins and supported by the Richard III Foundation, Inc.

  • CBS News: DNA tests on possible remains of King Richard III – With interesting video about the DNA research, with Philippa Langley and Michael Ibsen.


  • The Guardian: Richard III: ‘When I saw the skull, the hair on the back of my neck stood up’ – by Maev Kennedy


  • MedievalHistories.com: York or Leicester? – The Richard III Foundation versus the Richard III Society


  • The Guardian: Should Richard III – the last Yorkist king – be reburied in Yorkshire? – by Martin Hickes

  • Chelmsford Weekly News: Moving end to my 20-year quest to find Richard III – Interview with historian and major contributor to the search for King Richard III in Leicester, Dr. Ashdown-Hill by Wendy Brading


  • The Press (YorkPress.co.uk): ‘Homecoming’ call for Richard III

  • BBC News: Richard lll state funeral after car park skeleton found? – Video interview with Professor Lyn Foxhall – Though a rude interviewer, worth to wait through the advertisement at the beginning of the video, because of the answers of Prof. Lyn Foxhall.


  • The Independent: Richard III: The truth may yet be discovered, by Lisa Hilton


  • The Guardian: Richard III, the great villain of English history, is due a makeover, by Robert McCrum – Richard III and his opportunity to fight the image created by Shakespeare.


  • The Independent: Historian calls for Richard III state funeral, by David Hughes

  • BBC News: The people who want everyone to like Richard III, by Melissa Hogenbook – About the Richard III Society and their attempt to find a ballanced approach to King Richard III.

  • The Telegraph: Damn it, let’s give Richard III one last, glorious summer – by Dan Hodges – Very witty article about why King Richard III already is an overwhelmingly important find.

  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: King’s remains ‘will stay in Leicester’

  • HistoryExtra.com: A Tudor historian’s view of the Richard III excavations, by Suzannah Lipscomb


  • The Week: Should Richard III get a state funeral? And if so, where?


  • Daily Mail: Yes, he may have killed the princes in the Tower, but now we should give our last ENGLISH king a decent burial, by Simon Heffer – Starting the discussion about a state funeral

  • Current Archaeology (archaeology.co.uk): Richard III: DNA analysis, by Emma Watts-Plumpkin


  • This is Leicestershire: This is Leicestershire about the news of being ‘tantalisingly close’ to King Richard III

  • BBC News: Richard III dig: Have they found their man in Leicester? – by Greig Watson – Report about the experiences of the archaeologists at Greyfriars, Leicester.

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