Philippa Langley

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  • pete taylor says:

    Whilst working as a builders labourer on the outskirts of leicester some years ago i was talking to one of the bricklayers who told me that many years before he had worked on a site in the centre of Leicester.While digging footings on this site a very large piece of slate was unearthed.When they finally managed to get the digger bucket under a corner of the slate they were able to lift it up.What they found under this large piece of slate was the body of a man on a horse.he told me that after showing this to the developer they were told to lower it back down and to tell nobody as the site would be closed for further investigation and everyone on it would be out of work.This could just be a made up story or could be true but as it was so long ago and the man in question is probably dead himself by now it cannot be varified.Ihope if it is a true story it might help you in some way with your search.

    • CDoart says:

      Thank you very much for your comment and information about those findings, Mr Taylor. It is a pity that they can’t be specified more closely, but it sounds very promising for the current digging in Leicester.
      I hope the findings will reveal much about the history of this area and King Richard III.

  • Michael O'Neill says:

    Dear Ms Langley, I have followed, with great interest, your quest and discovery of the remains of King Richard III. I was wondering if any other human remains were found in your dig and, if so, what they revealed. Also has there been any interest in this discovery expressed by the current royal family? thanks so much

    • CDoart says:

      A second set of bones was found believed to potentially be from one of the benefactors and founders of the Grey Friars, Ellen Luenor, wife of Gilbert Luenor, who was buried around 1250. It is a slight chance, but it is the only known burial of a female at the Grey Friars, mentioned by historian John Stow in the 16th century.

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