KRA 2012 Quiz – Solution Sentence



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Information only necessary to enter on the first day and, to make sure everyone got this information, at the concluding final Solution Sentence-part.

All further days will only need the entry of your mail address, to ascertain, that the new entries are counted together with your previous results.

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Name of the winners are only published, if they agree to be mentioned. (See checkbox below.)

E-mail address will not be published or shared in any way. It is just to enable the quiz and coordination of answers and to send you a copy of your entries.

(Please do not change your mail address with which you participate during the quiz, as you would lose points that way.)

The Free Conference Ticket of the Richard III Foundation, Inc. (Conference dates: October 13th, 2012) should go to someone who can really attend.

Please indicate that if you win you could attend the conference taking place at the Bosworth Battlefield Centre, U.K., to be considered in the drawing.

Thank you.