This short overview of the content of each chapter of the book “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Kay Penman is not intended to replace the reading of the book, but to give a short reminder of the structure of the book.
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Chp. Year Location Description

I. Edward

I.1 1459 Ludlow Childhood moment of Richard III with two oldest brothers Edward IV and Edmund, Earl of Rutland.
I.2 1459 Ludlow Ransacking of Ludlow by Lancastrian troops under Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset.
I.3 1460 Sandal Castle, Yorkshire Richard, Duke of York (father) and Edmund, Earl of Rutland (second oldest brother), die in the Battle of Wakefield, December 31st.
I.4 1461 London Cecily Neville (mother), sends her sons George and Richard by ship to safety to Burgundy. Edward IV (oldest brother) comes to London with troops.
I.5 1461 York Marguerite d’Anjou awaiting news from the Battle of Towton. Edward IV taking over York after the won battle.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 1 – 5
I.6 1462 Durham Battle against Henry Beaufort, Earl of Somerset – Pardon by Edward IV
I.7 1464 Middleham Castle, Yorkshire First meeting between Richard III and Francis Lovell.
I.8 1464 Middleham Castle October: Francis Lovell begins Diary entries about Marriage between King Edward IV’s and Elizabeth Woodville.
I.9 1467 London June: Talk about Elizabeth Woodville. Richard, Earl of Warwick returns from a journey to Louis, King of France and meets Edward IV’s.
I.10 1469 Olney August: George (brother), Duke of Clarence, marries Isabel Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick, in Calais and defies King Edward IV’s wishes. Rebellion against King Edward forms among former Yorkists, lead by the Earl of Warwick and his brother, the Duke of Clarence, and their troops are victorious in the Battle of Edgecote and King Edward IV is taken prisoner.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 6 – 10
I.11 1469 Warwick Castle August: Arranging an agreement between the Earl of Warwick, George, the Duke of Clarence and King Edward IV.
I.12 1469 Middleham August: King Edward IV meets the family of the Earl of Warwick at Middleham. The Earl of Warwick needs King EdwardIV’s help to suppress a Lancastrian revolt.
October: King Edward IV outmanoevers the Earl of Warwick, though still imprisoned. Lord Hastings and Richard III arrive at Middleham with troops to accompany King Edward IV back to London.
Richard III is made Lord Constable of England (highest military rank in England).
I.13 1469 Westminster December: King Edward IV pardons the Earl of Warwick, in disagreement with his wife Elizabeth Woodville.
I.14 1470 Coventry April: Richard III meets with John Neville, the former Earl of Northumberland and new Marquess of Montagu, and his actions insult Thomas, Lord Stanley in front of assembled courtiers.
The conflict with the Earl of Warwick breaks out anew and he has to flee England and after being declined in Calais, is welcomed by the King of France.
I.15 1470 York August: Richard III, confronted with the intrigues in France, admits his still existent love for Anne Neville, dauther of the Earl of Warwick.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 11 – 15
I.16 1470 Doncaster September: Edward IV learns that John Neville now supports his brother, the Earl of Warwick (in league with the French King and Margaret d’Ajou). Edward IV and Richard III flee to Burgundy.
I.17 1470 London October: The forces of the Earl of Warwick (supported by the French King) enter London, to put King Henry IV back on the throne.
I.18 1470 Westminster November: Queen Elizabeth Woodville, in sanctuary in the Benedictine Abbey at Westminster, bears a son and heir to King Edward IV, the later Edward V.
I.19 1470 Amboise, France December: Preparations for the marriage between Anne Neville (fiancé and future wife of Richard III) to Henry VI’s son Edward and the development of Isabelle’s marriage with George, Duke of Clarence.
I.20 1470 Bruges, Burgundy December: Edward IV and Richard III in exile in Bruges (Burgundy), searching support from Charles “the Bold” of Burgundy.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 16 – 20
I.21 1471 Aire, Burgundy January: Reports about Charles “the Bold” of Burgundy and his position towards supporting King Edward IV, by Philippe de Commines and his (third) wife, Margaret of York, King Edward IV’s sister.
I.22 1471 London March: Reactions to Edward IV’s landing in Ravenspurn (Yorkshire).
I.23 1471 York March: York ponders and finally allows King Edward IV to enter town, after promising to take an oath of loyalty to King Henry VI.
I.24 1471 Coventry March: King Edward IV confronts the Lancastrian forces at Coventry, commanded by the Earl of Warwick.
I.25 1471 London April: Edward IV returns to London to put King Henry VI back in the Tower of London.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 21 – 25
I.26 1471 London April: (Easter time) Richard III is reunited with his friend Francis Lovell and in the political re-establishment of Edward IV as King of England, Richard is chosen to get military command against the Lancastrian forces under the Earl of Warwick.
I.27 1471 Barnet Heath April: The Lancastrian forces under the Earl of Warwick and John Neville form and the Battle of Barnet begins, though the Yorkis forces are strongly outnumbered. Still they can sneak up on the opposing army and kill the Lancastrian military leaders.
I.28 1471 Cerne Abbey April: The Lancastrian side re-forms at the Abbey, consisting of Marguerite d’Anjou, her son, Edward of Lancaster, and his wife Anne Neville (later Queen Anne to King Richard III).
I.29 1471 Cerne Abbey April: Anne Neville’s sister Isobel intends to go back to her ‘traitor’ husband, King Edward IV’s brother George of Clarence, who has switched positions back to his brother’s side.
I.30 1471 Windsor Castle April: Preparations for a battle between the Lancastrians and Yorkists, where on the Yorkist side, future conflict between Richard III and George of Clarence, the future guardian of Anne Neville can be anticipated.
Servetus: Information and questions to chapter 26 – 30
I.31 1471 Tewkesbury May: King Edward IV is chasing the Lancastrian forces, which reunite with their Tudor allies under Jasper Tudor, half-brother to the former King Henry VI and uncle to the later Tudor King Henry VII.
I.32 1471 Tewkesbury May: Forceful and desasterous Battle of Tewkesbury during a late snow storm, with many losses on both sides.

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