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King Richard and Thorin Oakenshield


CDoart already did an analysis and a comparison between King Richard III and Thorin Oakenshield, King of the dwarves in “The Hobbit”, in connection to our poll 1 here on the KingRichardArmitage website.


A comparison between fantasy and history is not so farfetched, when we hear the latest comment by Mr. Armitage about his preparations for “The Hobbit” with King Richard III in his interview with HitFix at the ComicCon in San Diego:


HitFix – Question by Katie Hasty (?)

Oakenshield was kind of this classical lord-figure of the books [“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien]. How do you update this character for modern audiences?

You see, I’d never really thought of updating. I actually did the opposite. I thought of it as more kind of Greek tragedy. I looked at Shakespeare, you know, a lot of my preparation, I was looking at “Henry V” and bits of “Richard III” just to find roots in British literature that were kind of deeper. But I think […] making it feel contemporary that are the big themes of the story: Loyalty and honour and trust and camaraderie. I think those themes are contemporary.


The interview by Katie Hasty from HotFix at Comic-Con in San Diego, July 24th, 2012, is available on YouTube. The quote starts at about [1:07]:



Thank You ! – The Search can Begin


The search for King Richard III can begin !

The required amount to cover the shortfall for the archaeology project in Leicester to search for King Richard III’s burrial place is reached!

Philippa Langley got in contact directly to thank all who left pledges in the name of the Archaeological Search for Richard III.


Thank you very much for all your support and pledges.
Thank you
It is a wonderful chance to explore this history rich ground in Leicester and I must say, I am very curious what the archaeological team can uncover. I can’t wait for the first results and hope for good news.


Through this appeal, we from the KRA-website came in contact with the Leicester Civic Society. Their goal is, to preserve and restore historic buildings and raise the awareness for the rich history of Leicester. The Society has a very interesting website with more details and journals about their work. With the digging now starting in Leicester in August as planned, it is nice – especially for those not in or around Leicester – to be able to find out more about the town. So I want to lead your attention to their impressive efforts: Leicester Civic Society


Thank you again for all your kind help and support!


King Richard Needs You – Urgent Archaeology Appeal (till July 20th, 2012)


The final 2 days to decide the fate of the archaeological project to find King Richard III !



In search of King Richard’s burrial place and body, an archaeology project is intended to take place in Leicester in August 2012.


A sudden shortfall of funds now necessitates the organiser, Philippa Langley, to fast make up the shortfall, to ensure the safe continuation of the digging project.


We posted more details about the digging in last week’s article and a specially created page about the Search for King Richard.


Pledges can directly be left via the prepared form. (Confirmation and payment details will follow directly from the Archaeological Search for Richard III.



The finding of the burrial place and the safe laying to rest of King Richard III’s remains is not only of a historic and archaeological importance, though it is a unique chance, as the area is planned to be rebuilt and so will be lost for future researches.



From the viewpoint of a contemporary of King Richard III, the endeavour would get further urgency:


In our modern interpretation of life and after-life, the body and its unharmed and complete state is not a  requirement for entering the after-world.
This was interpreted differently in earlier times and  in the late Middle Ages, it was of utmost importance that the body remained intact.


This believe is cause for some crude and brutal ways of death sentences, like beheading and quartering, as they were meant to prevent the felon from getting an after-life. It also determined burrial ceremonies and the traditions to build strong sarcophagi for the nobility, as this was to ascertain the safe keeping of the remains over time.


So a contemporary of King Richard III would see the rebuilding of the supposed burrial place of King Richard III as a threat to King Richard III himself.


Please help to give King Richard III a safe and secure resting place, if his remains are found.





Another historic appeal reached us this week.


It concerns the area from a decisive battle from the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Northampton (1460), where building projects endanger the grounds.


The appeal has a Facebook page, where more details and a link to the petition attempting to prevent these building projects can be found.



URGENT Richard III Archaeology Appeal – Till 20th of July, 2012


We received an urgent message from Philippa Langley, the screenwriter involved with the “King Richard III” film project that has the interest of Mr. Armitage.
We want to forward this appeal directly to you.


Please note:

Mr. Armitage has been informed about the digging project in Leicester, but he is not (!) involved in it!

This information is given, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding regarding the following appeal!




An archaeological dig is scheduled to take place this summer in Leicester, seeking the last resting place of Richard III, and hoping to find and re-inter his remains with proper solemnity. In addition it is hoped the excavations will be filmed, and then form part of a proposed landmark TV special telling Richard’s real story.

We are appealing to you today because the project dig has encountered a sudden and unforeseen shortfall of £10,000. We are desperately trying to raise this sum and avert the closing down of the dig – that’s why we are appealing URGENTLY for pledges. Any amounts are welcome, whether large or small, whether from individuals or group collections. Please don’t send any money yet – we simply need your pledge by Friday 20 July, 2012.

Please fill in the contact form as soon as possible, and we’ll email you our appeal leaflet with full information.
N.B. If you don’t need the leaflet but would like to pledge anyway, simply fill in the contact form stating your pledge amount, and we’ll get back to you.

A BIG thank-you for helping to keep this important project on track.

From Philippa Langley on behalf of the Archaeological Search for Richard III


We created an entry form here on the page, so that you can transmit a pledge directly to the “Archaeological Search for Richard III”, if you are willing to help in the endeavour.
Your help is very much appreciated to keep this far grown research project going.
Thank you for all your help!



Further information


Historical background and reading recommendations about this archaeological research are collected at the newly created page:

Search for King Richard

(Please stay tuned, we gradually will add further information.)



More details about Ms. Philippa Langley:


Philippa Langley, who inaugurated the project, has been working closely with a prominent TV production company and has garnered considerable interest from a major UK TV channel. The possibility of such a programme would ensure the opportunity to tell King Richard’s real story on screen for the very first time.

Philippa Langley is a screenwriter and founder, in 1999, of the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society.
Her script about the real Richard III has the interest of leading actor Richard Armitage.


The Tower of London – King Richard meets Sport




Each stone of the Tower of London is soaked with historical meaning, not only regarding King Richard III. Many times, the fate and purpose of the Tower of London have changed and its meaning in history, but what never did change was its importance.


Today a museum and treasury, it also tells the story of the first settlements in the area of London and a big part of the history of England. (More details can be found on
Based on Roman foundations, even relics of older, pre-Roman descent have been discovered and this area is seen to be part of the oldest settlements in the area of London.
The Tower has been seen as a miracle in stone, was court and prison, museum, treasury, famous location for executions and the place for the safe-keeping of King Richard III’s nephews, the two sons of his brother King Edward IV’s.
Fully in its function as treasury of the crown jewels and of safekeeping, the Tower of London now not only holds a royal and historic treasure, but also a sportive one, the medals for Olympia 2012:


London Olympic Games 2012


Do you think, King Richard III would have taken part in the London Olympic Games 1484, if they had already been re-invented back then?

Which discipline would he most likely have chosen?


Further material:

  • Two further mentions of the King Richard III project by Mr. Armitage from the year 2008 came to our attention. They have been added to our Richard Armitage page.



Petition - Status !

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22nd 2022, 6 p.m. (CET)
we have 2482 signatures.

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