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  • UK Human Rights Blog: Richard III on the move again – pitched into the current judicial review debate, by David Hart QC (23.10.2013)

  • Lancashire Evening Post: Book review: The King’s Grave: The Search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, by Pam Norfolk (24.10.2013)

  • The Times: A weekend in … Richard III’s Leicester, by Stephen McClarence (24.10.2013) – A journey through King Richard III’s Leicester and Bosworth, with good tips and recommendations, if you plan a trip yourself!

  • The Hinckley Times: Vote on Richard III art to mark Bosworth connection, by Rachel Parish (28.10.2013)

  • The Yorkshire Times: Philippa Langley, Michael Jones And Richard III, by Paul Morrison (28.10.2013)

  • The Guardian: The King’s Grave: The Search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jomes – review, by Thomas Penn (30.10.2013) – Quite detailed review about “The King’s Grave” by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones.
    Though, I must say, as one with a sibling having a similar condition as King Richard III had, just lower on the back, but almost as severe, I vehemently insist (!) on calling it a ‘condition’ and not a ‘disability’.
    The reviewer Mr. Penn should do some more medical research in this aspect, then he perhaps would recognize that this ‘condition’ not necessarily disables the afflicted from doing anything.
    In the case of King Richard III, the way and position his skeleton was found in could also have added to the severeness of the ‘condition’. So to really judge how much ‘disabled’ he was because of this ‘condition’ would necessitate a time-travel jump to see him alive.
    Seeing my sibling and comparing their ‘conditions’, I would even go so far as to think that the ‘condition’ only became known because of the exposure of his naked body after his death and posed a great opportunity to ‘bedevil’ the dead predecessor on the throne. This also would answer, why no contemporary source exists which mentions King Richard III’s ‘condition’ before his death.
    Though this is no total proof, as Henry Tudor and his minions were quite meticulous with destroying all evidence of his predecessor. So we for once might thank Henry Tudor for this cleaned up picture of King Richard III or this eternal riddle.
    Perhaps Thomas Penn, who also is the author of the book “The Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England” about the reign of King Henry VII and the foundation of the Tudor dynasty, reveals more about the Tudor king’s way of transforming the perception and creating the story for history there. Though the topic of his book alone show, where his favours in the Battle of Bosworth lie.


Philippa Langley & King Richard III


♛ Philippa Langley ♛


  • BBC News Entertainment & Arts: Richard III hunter co-authors book on car park King (17.10.2013) – Philippa Langley and Michael Jones interviewed by Nick Higham about their new book and about ‘respect and dignity’ for King Richard III.
    Interesting video with the full interview in the article!


    History Extra Interview – Philippa Langley and Michael Jones

    About the search for King Richard III and his grave

    Where should King Richard III be buried?

    Philippa Langley and the Channel4 documentary

    About the Princes in the Tower

    About “The White Queen”


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    King Richard III in Print


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    • Richard III book launched in Leicester (05.10.2013) – Booklaunch by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, co-authors of the book about “The Search for Richard III. The Kings Grave”.

    • The King’s Grave: by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, by IoniaMartin (05.10.2013) – Detailed review about the book publication by Philppa Langley and Michael Jones.

    • Express: Book Review: The search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, by Nigel Jones (06.10.2013) – The author of this review perhaps best describes his own review:

      curiously lop-sided

      The review is – as far as I can tell – solely based on the reading of the index and appendix of the book, which does not highly recommend its accuracy or significance to me, especially as it is in complete disagreement with the previous review by IoniaMartin. As the reviewer also has written a book about the Tower and the Princes in the Tower, it seems his review is more in his own defence, rather than an objective critique of the new publication.
      I will hold back my final judgement till I get my version of “The King’s Grave. The Search for Richard III”, but so far this review only reached to confirm my opinion that historians don’t like to re-research comfortably settled and accepted ‘truths’, even when new aspects arise.


    • Richard III archaeologist to give talk in Grantham (06.10.2013) – Richard Buckley will give a talk about King Richard III and his discovery in Grantham, Harrowby Methodist Church on Saturday, 19 October 2013.

    • BBC News: Richard III Towton chapel remains are ‘found’ (07.10.2013) – To commemorate the many fallen in the Battle of Towton (1461), King Richard III began to build a chapel at the site, which at the time of his death was not yet completed and never was finished at a later time. (For more details about the battle and its significance, see: Towton Battlefield society

    • The Northern Echo: Cabinet Minister insists remains of Richard III must be buried in Leicester – not York, by Robert Merrick, Parliamentary Correspondent (08.10.2013) – Parliamentary debate in the Commons about final resting place for King Richard III and an independent panel to determine it.

    • Helen Rae Rants (Blog): The Wars of the Roses refought over Richard III’s Re-burial, by Helen Rae Rants! (09.10.2013) – A quote I just need to share, especially after the strange review mentioned above…
      Helen Rae about Philippa Langley:

      Me, I think she [Philippa Langley] deserves a medal for her efforts and the contribution she’s made to Ricardian history.


    • Justice secretary insists Richard III be buried in Leicester, by David Owen (09.10.2013) – Justice secretary Chris Grayling speaks in the Commons.

    • A year of discoveries showcased at the University of Leicester (10.10.2013) – Open Day at the University of Leicester on the 12th October 2013 will showcase King Richard III!

    • Richard III: What do the people of York think? By Peter Warzynski (11.10.2013) – A brave journalist on his way to York to search for the truth. Is the new ‘War of the Cities’ that easy – York for York and Leicester for Leicester? Frontiers never were that easy during King Richard III’s days and never were clear and defined for him. Enemies became friends and friends easily and without prior notice became traitors. Otherwise the devastation of Bosworth never would have happened…
      Find out, if our frontiers are any different today from those 500 years back, here in this research by Peter Warzynski.
      [Should have known that Peter Warzynski was brave enough to find the truth. After all he was not frightened to come into contact with fans of an actor and wonderfully presented Leicester and his work and archaeological digging for King Richard III here on our website (24.08.2013).]

    Sensational News About King Richard Film

    Is the film about King Richard III with Richard Armitage in the role of the king finally on its way?
    Hear Philippa Langley, the screenwriter working on a project about King Richard III, talking about her progress and about Richard Armitage as her ideal King Richard III:


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    Happy Birthday, King Richard !!!


    Happy 561st birthday, King Richard III !


    King Richard III’s first birthday after being found !

    Let’s celebrate a king, who, after over 500 years can activate a fierce followership and easily start a – no, what am I talking about – numerous burning controversies.
    Who else from history can say that about himself after all that time.

  • Matt Lewis (AuthorBlog): Happy Birthday King Richard III! (02.10.2013) – And with King Richard III we can well say in all controversy and while celebrating the freedom of controversy:

    Stand strong and true for that which you believe in. Do not be silenced.


  • Karen Lewis on Facebook shared a wonderful Birthday announcement for King Richard III. (As I did not ask for permission to re-post in time, I only include the link to the picture and do not embed it here, but the wonderful picture should be visible even if you do not have a Facebook account.)
    Now, how best to celebrate a king?

  • Of course with song and music, one especially created and composed for King Richard III, like the song “Douce Dame” by The Orpheus Project (see our interview with composer team MaryAnn & Michael Tedstone):

    Or would you like to celebrate with an audio play?

  • Try the BBC production of “The Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey, where a modern day inspector researches the crimes of King Richard III and in the end finds him …
    Upcoming broadcasts begin on Monday, 7 Oct 2013 on BBC Radio 4. (See BBC page for the play and schedule here.)

  • Leicester Mercury: British Bake-Off contestant creates Richard III birthday cake, by Peter Warzynski (02.10.2013) – With this cake, I almost wish King Richard III could come into our time. Considering he never ever ate a piece of chocolate or ever tasted chocolate cake? How I would like to send him one piece of that lovely cake to try. (I certainly must try the recipe myself.)
    King Richard III must feel right at home in modern times and we have a strange way of making him feel welcome.
    But he certainly must see the parallels to his time. Skirmishes everywhere and all ready to do battle.
    What a perfect continuation of the Wars of the Roses in its modern form.
    I even feel compelled to say that he might be glad, that his duty as king is over and he now can continue as a spectator.
    But the whole movements are perfect to finally give King Richard III the attention he deserves and even if you don’t agree with the one or other argument, at least they are a perfect marketing way to draw interest to his wishes, which nobody considered (during his life and especially) at and after his death 500 years ago.


    Want to know more about King Richard III?

    If you want to learn more about King Richard III and his time and life, the University of Leicester will hold a free online course (distance learning) on the platform FutureLearn.
    See the announcement for it on
    The course will be held by Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Ancient History, Deirdre O’Sullivan from the University of Leicester
    and will start on 25th of November 2013.
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Approx. time: 2 hours per week
    No previous experiences necessary, so, if interested, join the online course here.

    ♛ King Richard III ♛



    Due to strange internet connectivity problems, this post unfortunately is very late. Still I hope, King Richard III has/had great 561st birthday celebrations.
    My internet connection gets a complete technical check by the provider next Monday and hopefully the source of all the problems will finally be found and eliminated.


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