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New Poll on KRA


This week, a new poll starts on the KingRichardArmitage website.


Our last poll about a comparison between King Richard III and Thorin Oakenshield, the role Mr. Armitage currently plays in “The Hobbit” production by Sir Peter Jackson, was very popular and got some surprising results.

On the CDoart-blog in this article are comments about the poll-results and their meaning for a possible connection between fantasy and history.



The new poll now is more about you and your reasons for supporting the filming petition.


(Multiple answers possible.)


I hope you have fun and enjoy taking part in the poll.

Thank you for all your support and interest!


(The poll will be available in the sidebar of the website together with a link to the poll-results on the poll-archive page.)


King Richard III on BBC Radio


In a Classic Serial about the Plantagenets, King Richard III was featured in the third part “Richard III – The Three Brothers” by Mike Walker on BBC Radio.


The third part of the Plantagenets still is available online for 4 days via this link: BBC Radio – Plantagenet – Series 3 (on iPlayer here)


What irritated me a bit is, that though the title is Richard III – The Three Brothers, a large part of the story is told from the perspective and with the imagined comments of the Queen to King Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville.


But appart from that, a lot of possible motives and interpretations of the historic events are mentioned, which are interesting to hear, though they bring no new aspects to the well trodden path of a ‘devilish King Richard III’.


Still, I recommend the entertaining audio play, which very cleverly shows a selection of the multitude of different interests, culminating in the events during King Edward IV’s reign and the final Battle at Bosworth. It also reaches to show King Richard III as an intelligent, talended man of his time and for once not the mean and envious hunchback.



Richard III – The Three Brothers
(3rd part in the Classics Plantagenet Serial)
[58 min]


Audio play written by Mike Walker


Queen Elizabeth (Nancy Carroll)
Edward 4th (Simon Bubb)
Richard 3rd (Carl Prekopp)
Clarence (Christopher Webster)
Margaret (Aimee Ffion Edwards)
Warwick (Gerard McDermott)
Stafford (Adam Billington)
Lewis (James Lailey)
Bishop (Paul Moriarty)
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.


BBC Radio – Plantagenet – Series 3 (on iPlayer here)

<< 4 days left to listen ! >>




Petition for King Richard Armitage



Today’s planned article got delayed by a major discussion currently going on in the Richard Armitage fandom.


KingRichardArmitage 009

KingRichardArmitage 009 (Project Magazine) - Source:

As I (CDoart) was confronted with speculations about the legitimacy and basis for the petition for the film about “King Richard III”, I today want to write a bit about the reasons and background for founding this petition initiative.


As the discussion currently going on in fandom is about when fans are doing the actor they admire harm, I want to state that the petition had and still has one major goal, the support of Richard Armitage in his plans to do a film about “King Richard III”. This petition is created after long thoughts and discussions of how best to not harm the actor Richard Armitage in his career, any of his roles, his public or private life, his plans and his ability to get roles or gain financial backing for any of his plans, not only this certain filming project.


These were the reasons, why we chose to do a petition, as this way we state what we as supporters would like to have or reach,

without pressing any kind of way or solution or pre-defined outcome on the actor, who repeatedly has expressed his intention and plans to do a film about “King Richard III”.


So what we do does not press a new idea of our creation onto the actor, but supports his own plans and uttered wishes.


This is also the reason, why the petition does not intend to get involved in any kind of financial endeavour, as this may harm discussions with investors, contributors or otherwise plans for other projects of the actor. For another, we as fans and initiators of the petition are not a bank or do not want to take such a financial responsibility, which might give the whole endeavour the appearance of a money-making scheme. We trust that Mr. Armitage and his agents are able and knowledgeable to handle this matter in their branch much more effectively without our interference.

The support of the petition, showing there is already interest in the planned project, does no harm, but may provide further arguments to get the project on its way.


For me specially, the two leading motives to support and work for this petition are, that I as a historian would love to see a more realistic depiction of King Richard III’s life and times than there is so far available in Shakespeare’s film versions and, as a fan of Richard Armitage, I also would like to see him play a role he uttered interest in to play. In my opinion he would be ideal to give life to such a complex and important character as King Richard III, who is so very important for English history, but who’s positive influence is rather forgotten, compared to his supposed negative impact.



After stating these points, I, without hidden motives, can openly encourage you to show your support of a filming project

by signing our petition for

“King Richard III” by Mr. Armitage.


The form to sign the petition can be reached here.


We have over 700 supporters now and numbers are rising continuously.

Thank you for your wonderful support !


Impressions from the Towton Battlefield Event & Other News …


  • First glimpses of the Towton Battlefield Event 2012 for all who could not attend:
    by Christopher Maudsley (shared on Facebook).
  • To have a closer look at the preparations for the event on Palm Sunday, the Towton Battlefield Society has a photo album on Facebook showing the work and preparations necessary so that the event could take place.
  • We surpassed 700 supporters ! Thank you for all your kind support and help with this petition for the filming of “King Richard III”!

Thank you - Golden Rose


(We accumulated over 70 unconfirmed petition signatures again, which are not counted in the total number. We will send out a reminder to confirm those signatures, tomorrow. In case you did not confirm your signature so far, please check your Junk- or Spam-mail filter, as automatically generated mails with a confirmation link sometimes can be filtered out and land there. Thank you!)



Petition - Status !

As of July
22nd 2022, 6 p.m. (CET)
we have 2482 signatures.

Go to sign...


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