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Fitzg: End the Wars of the Roses – NOW


Fitzg-Richard III

Richard III – Head Reconstruction (Source: Richard III Society)

By no right (Divine or otherwise) conferred upon me, I hereby decree that the remains of the late (late by 500+ years, for his own funeral) much maligned King, Richard Plantagenet III of that name, be interred with due honour and respect here:
Fitzg-Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

Let us put an end to the unseemly media and public rowing over the re-interment of the remains of a once-anointed King. Let us take the attention temporarily from Leicester and York, and provide a public/media focus elsewhere, for a temporary hiatus, while the Esteemed Authorities resolve the issue of the primary subjects. (We can wrangle over Gloucester, instead.)
A nos moutons! What has Gloucester Cathedral to offer in place of either of the other two?
It is bigger than the formerly (until 1927) parish church of Leicester. It appears that size counts, in this issue. Tomb or floor slab?
Fitzg-Leicester Cathedral

And it is prettier than Leicester…


Noble burials


  • Robert Curthose, son of William the Conqueror.
  • Edward II, anointed king of England, usurped by his son Edward III, and abdicated in favour of the latter.

    Suitable tombs

    Gloucester contains the alabaster tomb/effigy of Edward II.
    Fitzg-Gloucester Edward II
    The Richard III Society commissioned and funded a design for a suitable, aesthetic RIII tomb. Apparently under dispute? by Leicester Cathedral. No room in the inn?

    Fitzg-Richard III Tomb (RIIISociety)

    Richard III Tomb design (Source: Richard III Society)



    Gloucester appears to be sufficiently large to accommodate a TOMB, not a floor slab, to be trodden underfoot…. (rather a slobby solution, do you think?)


    The main title of Richard III, before he took the crown, was DUKE of GLOUCESTER.


    Beyond his title, what affiliation has Gloucestershire to Richard III, of the House of York?

  • The county was part of the Duchy of Lancaster.
  • The county borders on Wales, whence came Henry Tudor. And Henry V, of the House of Lancaster…
  • It borders on Cheshire, home of the dreaded Cheshire bowmen, not known as Yorkists. (With super-human restraint, I did not type Yorkies. Let this be on record.)

    A quick aside about York

    Fitzg-York Cathedral

    York Minster. As glorious a façade as that of Rouen.

    The Chapter of York Minster published a statement on February 7 2013, which included the words: “…it commends Richard to Leicester’s care.” Richard, not King Richard III. They have a commemorative stained glass, in the king’s honour. Well, better than a floor slob…
    And while we await the decision of Eminent Authorities to award the laurels to Leicester (with a floor slob), we can also argue about the merits of the king’s birthplace, Fotheringhay, bloodily redolent, of memories of Mary Stuart. Or Middleham, which could include coach tours to Haworth for pilgrims of varying stripes…
    Please allow me to mention that this is not a serious post. It is strictly “tongue-in-cheek”, as an indirect comment on the media, etc. “wars”.
    A Dwarf of our acquaintance, originally from Leicester, is wisely silent on the Wars. Obviously, he has quite enough to deal with, in retrieving Erebor for his family.

    Fitzg-Thorin Oakenshield (RANet-com)

    Thorin Oakenshield – The Hobbit (Source:

    Richardarmitagenet Gallery. The Hobbit.
    Guestpost by:
    [Image Sources: As far as not otherwise mentioned, the images are Wikimedia Commons files.]

    Announcement: Conference 2013 – Richard III Foundation (Open to the Public!)


    ♛ Conference 2013 ♛


    Richard III Foundation

    Richard III Trust Inc 1

    The Richard III Foundation, Inc. Celebration 2013

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Richard III Foundation, Inc.
    Since its inception in 1993, the core of the Foundation has been research and scholarship focusing on the life and reign of King Richard III and the Fifteenth Century. The Foundation’s focal points have been educational programs for students, the local historian, fostering research, publishing works on King Richard III and the Fifteenth Century, interacting with other like-minded organizations, and its annual symposiums. Our annual symposiums have featured the best historians in the medieval period, and for 2013, this year’s symposium will be an event to remember.

    Friday, October 11, 2013


    The Battle of Bosworth: Tudor’s Perspective

    The Battle of Bosworth was the last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses. Fought on the 22 August 1485, the battle was a defining moment in English history. At its conclusion, Richard III, the last English King to have fought in battle was slain by treachery. The battle has left us with many unanswered questions, but in recent years, it has been the centre of study and re-evaluation with remarkable and new research. While our focus has been on the study of the actions of King Richard III, we will for the first time be exploring the battle from the point of view by Henry Tudor and his army. We believe this will provide us with a different perspective of the battle providing us with more answers in how King Richard III acted and reacted.
    Our tour will begin at the Bosworth Heritage Centre. Transportation via a mini-bus will be provided along with handouts and historical commentary by Richard MacKinder at the Bosworth Heritage Centre and Joe Ann Ricca, Founder and CEO/President of the Foundation.
    Reservations are on a first come-first serve basis.
    Our format will be as follows:

  • 12.00 Noon – Meet at the Tithe Barn at the Bosworth Heritage Center for welcome and brief introduction.
  • 12.15 – Depart Centre and travel by minibus to Atherstone.
  • 12.45 – Atherstone – Short walking tour of relevant locations in town
  • 13.30 – Depart Atherstone, travel to Merevale Church and possibly view ruins of Abbey
  • 14.15 – Depart Merevale and travel via ancient roads and villages towards Upton
  • 14.45 – Identify route to site (Green Lane) reference Lindley Hall & Lord Herdwicke
  • 15.15 – Follow route to Fenn Lane Farm and site of battle, from Tudor point
  • 15.30 – Travel to Stoke Golding (Church – Crown Hill) then onto Dadlington
  • 15.45 – Dadlington Church- view documents for chantry land purchase by Henry VIII
  • 16.00 – Return to Visitor centre – Question & Answer session if required- Depart centre

    Saturday, October 12


    White Rose: Scottish Thistle – The Legacy of King Richard III and King James IV

    Our annual conference will be held at the Dixie Grammar School in Market Bosworth. We are proud to announce our speakers and their topics.

    • Richard Buckley, BA FSA MIFA – Leicester’s Greyfriars and the Search for the Resting Place of Richard III
    • Diana Dunn, Senior Lecturer – Queens in Late Medieval Politics and War
    • Professor Peter Hancock – Speculations on the Asserted Legal Foundation of Richard III’s Assumption of the Throne
    • Robert Hardy, CBE, FSA – Two Battles Scotland Should Have Won: Halidon Hill and Flodden
    • Gervase Philips, Principal Lecturer – England; Scotland and the European Revolution – 1480-1560
    • John Sadler, Historian – The Last Yorkists – the English army at Flodden 1513
    • Chris Skidmore, MP and Historian – The Military Manoeuvres of the Battle of Bosworth
    • Professor Matthew Strickland – Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: James IV and the Scottish army at Flodden

    Mr. Buckley will have new information on the dig and remains of King Richard III. We welcome the Bosworth Heritage Centre, the Lance and Longbow Society, Dave Lanchester Books and the Tewkesbury and Towton Battlefield Societies. Join us as we celebrate the discovery of King Richard III, the 20th anniversary of The Richard III Foundation, Inc and the 500 anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.

    Monday, October 21


    Ceremony and Private Tour at York Minster.

    There will be a special wreath laying ceremony at York Minster in memory of King Richard III followed by a private tour of the Minster. The ceremony will begin at 10:30 and will conclude at noon. At this time, this event is open to patrons of the Foundation only. Please note this events can be attended individually or collectively. For further information or general questions, please contact us at

    Registration Form for the Conference 2013 (pdf-file)
    To reserve your seat, please mail your registration form along with your check payable to “The Richard III Foundation, Inc.” and submit to Ms. Dorothy Davies, Half Moon House, 32 Church Lane, Ryde. Isle of Wight PO33 2NB. For further questions, please email us at Website:


    Of Gold & Wisdom


    ♛ King Richard III ♛

    Those two, gold & wisdom, not necessarily go together.
    The gold for the Museum of York…
    The wisdom at the conference of the Richard III Foundation…

    • Harborough Mail: Richard III’s character may be disputed, but he would have made a good ruler, by Chris Brady (15.07.2013) – Report about the talk at Wycliff Lutterworth U3A by Liz Brandow.

    • The York Press: Richard III gold badge set to be auctioned (15.07.2013) – That King Richard III is worth gold, the Yorkshire Museum already seems to have recognized and uses it to raise money for further museum acquisitions.

    • New take on old classic; Teenage filmmaker Jordan McGibney has modernised Shakespeare for his latest short film that is getting an airing at a national festival…, by Liam Coleman, Nottingham Post (15.07.2013) – Have no closer information about the film, but the title “Richard III: A Memoir of a King’s Love” in combination with Shakespeare somehow suggests that it is about King Richard III and his wife Anne Neville. From the article/interview I am just not sure.
      If you have a chance to see the film, please let us know!
      The film will be shown this week till Friday at the Film Festival at Bradford’s National Media Museum. More details on the Festval Website:

    • Leicester Cathedral calls for the speedy resolution of the Richard III reinterment licence, by PA:Warzynski, Leicester Mercury (16.07.2013) – The Dean of Leicester Cathedral pleads for a speedy resolution in the ‘Battle of the Cities’ and the legal battle with the Plantagenet Alliance, who opposes the burial in Leicester and demands the license by the Ministry of Justice granted to the University of Leicester should be revoked.
      If you want to show where your favours lie, our poll about the ‘Battle of the Cities‘ is still open.

    • BBC News: Richard III remains: Reinterment delay ‘disrespectful’ (16.07.2013) – King Richard III patiently waited almost 500 years till somebody took heart and searched for him. Thanks to the persistence of Philippa Langley, this endeavour was taken up. Don’t you think he might be patient enough to await his burial to be done properly?

    • Claire’s white rose is fitting tribute to king, by Peter Warzynski, Leicester Mercury (17.07.2013) – A Rose in memory of King Richard III. Official service for King Richard III on 22 August 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

    • End delays to legal case over Richard, by Leicester Mercury (17.07.2013) – The legal decision about the burial place seems to be further delayed. Leicester Cathedral is worried, as preparations for a decent burial for King Richard III are under way and may – in case of the legal success of the Plantagenet Alliance – may become in vain.

    • Fitzg (Blog): End the Wars of the Roses – NOW (18.07.2013) – An ‘inofficial’ and humorous decree by Fitzg, our esteemed guest-blogger, about Gloucester Cathedral, the deserved, but mostly overlooked burial place for the rightful ‘Richard, Duke of Gloucester’. May this decree be able to end the long lasting new “Wars of the Roses/Cities”?

    Guestpost on KRA!


    • BBC News: Richard III: Cathedral confirms new £1m tomb plan (18.07.2013) – First pictures of tomb design for King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. Now it becomes more understandable that Leicester Cathedral also wants the legal go sign, to proceed with the tomb and ceremonial preparations.
      Image shows artist's impression of overhead view of raised tomb at Leicester Cathedral (Source: van Heyningen and Haward)

      Image shows artist’s impression of overhead view of raised tomb at Leicester Cathedral (Source: van Heyningen and Haward)

    ♛ Richard III – Announcement ♛


    • To plan ahead, here the dates and speakers list of the conference:

      Richard III conference 2013 of the
      Richard III Foundation


      Friday / Saturday – October 11/12, 2013

      The full description with more details about the schedule and speakers and the registration form are in a separate post here.

    The conference is
    open to the public !
    Not only for Foundation members.


    Friendship, Coronation and Burial


    ♛ King Richard III ♛


    • MattLewisAuthor (Blog): The Lost Coronation of King Richard III, by Matt Lewis (06.07.2013) – Recommended background reading about King Richard III’s coronation together with his wife Anne Neville.

    • South China Morning Post: Finding King Richard III’s body a triumph of science and scholarship, by Angelo Paratico (07.07.2013) – Well deserved praise for Philippa Langley and Dr. Ashdown-Hill for their part in the research about King Richard III. With a well informed excursion about the Venetian writer Catherine de Pizan, who unwittingly helped in King Richard III’s downfall.

    • Fly High! (Blog): Richard III and the Other Anne – Author Guest Post by Elizabeth Ashworth (08.07.2013) – Are you of the opinion that not enough misdeeds of King Richard III are known so far? Authors are free to invent new background to his story in novels. Read more about this very interesting way to make King Richard III plausible and a flesh and blood character for current audiences. “By Loyalty Bound” by Elizabeth Ashworth is about King Richard and his lover Anne Harrington (not his wife Anne Neville). The book is presented in a guestpost on the blog Fly High! by Elizabeth Ashworth: “Richard III and the Other Anne”.
      With quite interesting arguments for this relationship, but for me exactly the noble lineage of the lady makes the connection somewhat implausible. As for me she would have more likely been a marriage candidate than a ‘silent and forgotten’ lover of King Richard III. Though I don’t want to influence you with my doubts and am looking forward to your comments and what you think about this ‘new’ royal affair.

    • LiveScience: New dig at King Richard III’s gravesite turns up medieval pottery, by Megan Gannon (08.07.2013)

    • University of Leicester: Public can watch as archaeologists unearth history at Richard III dig site (10.07.2013) – The archaeological digging done currently in Leicester can be viewed and visited from Wednesday, July 10 to the end of July, with opening hours from 9am to 4pm.

    • University of Leicester (Flickr): Richard III – The Grey Friars Dig Part 2 (10.07.2013) – With interesting updates from the current digging and excavations in Leicester.
      Pictures from the first dig and a good coverage of the crave site where King Richard III was found is in the Richard III gallery.

    • University of Leicester: Experts create 3D map of Richard III’s grave (10.07.2013) – More details about the location where King Richard III was found and a method to preserve the gravesite for future generations in a virtual way.

    • University of Leicester (Blog): A wonderful section of floor tiling still in tact, by Charlotte Barratt – Richard III Outreach Officer (10.07.2013) – Some colour around King Richard III’s grave.

    • Yorkshire Post: Yorkshire discontent as rivals lay claim to Richard, by Paul Jeeves (10.07.2013) – Did you think the battle between the cities was over? Not yet! The next round is about the truth about King Richard III or rather about bending the truth to use him as a means for advertisments.

    • 3D Map Of Richard III’s Grave Created Using LiDAR, by Lawrence LeBlond (11.07.2013)

    • Grantham History buff from Grantham finishes book 20 years on (11.07.2013) – The statement in the article that there are no other books about Francis Viscount Lovel is not correct. Perhaps the wonderful article about Francis Viscount Lovel by Joe Ann Ricca (from the Richard III Foundation) and my comment there together with this new book by Richard Hogg “‘Loyalty in Me Lieth’: King Richard III and Francis Viscount Lovel” can get you started with having a closer look at this fascinating friendship surpassing death.
      E.g. there are:
      Marian Palmer (about 1958)
      “The White Boar” and “The Wrong Plantagenet” (Lovell Duo)
      Christopher Rae (2011/2012)
      has two books from the perspective of Francis Lovell as well:
      “G – Loyalty Binds Me” (Part 1)
      “G – God and My Right” (Part 2)

    • Viewing Platform Erected At Richard III, Grey Friars Dig Site, by Lawrence LeBlond (12.07.2013)

    • Richard III find inspires festival of facts and fun, by Peter Squires (12.07.2013) – In this article a few events centering specially around King Richard III in Leicestershire are presented by Peter Squires out of the range of archaeological events on ArchaeologyFestival.


    ♛ Richard III – Announcements ♛


    • 17th July 2013, 9 p.m. – BBC Two: The Real White Queen and Her Rivals

    • 14th July 2013, 2 p.m. – Bosworth Battlefield Centre
      Professor Caroline Wilkinson will hold an illustrated talk about her work of the craniofacial reconstruction of King Richard III’s head.
      (Tickets cost £ 10,- and include entry into the Bosworth Battlefield Exhibition.
      Place is limited and advance booking essential!
      Telephone: 01455 290429 – Bosworth Battlefield Centre)

    King Richard Celebrations


    ♛ King Richard III ♛




    ♛ King Richard III – Events ♛


    • 6 July 2013 – 7:30 p.m.:
      Dr. Phil Stone (from the Richard III Society) about “Richard III – a bloody tyrant?” (St Nicolas Church, Witham)
      Ticket reservation in advance Tel. 01376 502674 or on the door (£ 8,-)
      Source: Braintree & Witham Times (03.07.2013)

    • 5 – 7 July 2013 Richard III Festival

    Middleham Richard III Weekend (5 - 7 July 2013)

    Middleham Richard III Weekend (5 – 7 July 2013)


    • 15 July 2013 – 7 p.m.
      Talk about discovery of King Richard III and the recent excavations will be hosted by Peter Liddle at Lutterworth Library.
      Tickets available from the library in George Street (£ 3,-)
      Source: Lutterworth Mail (29.06.2013)


    Petition - Status !

    As of July
    22nd 2022, 6 p.m. (CET)
    we have 2482 signatures.

    Go to sign...


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