Heated Debate about Tomb for King Richard III

You now can vote in a poll about the new tomb design for King Richard III’s grave in Leicester Cathedral, if you like the newly revealed design or not:

(The poll is in the right side bar of the page next to the article.)
For that the poll is posted by a Leicester based newspaper, the Leicester Mercury, the result so far is astonishingly clear.

The team involved in the design of King Richard III’s tomb described the design using the highest praise.
(I must admit, I was wondering a bit, what they would have said when the stone tomb really would have a ‘design’. But perhaps then the design would speak for itself and would not need so many words to explain its not so obvious meaning.)
But I don’t want to withold the explanation of the carved cross design of the tomb from you, which was revealed at the press conference on Monday, 16.06.2014.

  • University of Leicester (YouTube): Richard III – The Tomb Design Press Conference by UniversityLeicester (June 17, 2014) – Video of the press conference, where the planned tomb design for King Richard III’s burial in Spring 2014 was revealed:

Trying to imagine the ‘light’-design of the tomb from a practical viewpoint, the question remains with me, when the sun in the East would stand high enough to take effect on the carved tomb and reveal the intended light reflection representing resurrection. But perhaps King Richard III is not meant to …

For Our King Richard (FanstRAvaganza Finale)

KingRichardArmitage - FanstRAvaganza 4 Banner

♛ Poll for Our King Richard ♛

Today ends this year’s fan-event “FanstRAvaganza 4“.
It in a very extraordinary way shows the wide variety of supporters and fans of Richard Armitage.
We participated with our King Richard III topics here, but the variety and artful creations during and beyond the event are rather unlimited.
The curiosity of fans seems endless.
King Richard III currently causes such a lot of different opinions and heated discussions.
This awakened my curiosity to find out the opinion among our readers about all these options for King Richard III’s re-interment.
As we are not influenced by marketing or tourism interests nor by local patriotism, but watch these discussions from a rather neutral vantage point, we dare to take up the heated discussions and ask the difficult question what would be the best way to proceed.
So instead of doing a King Richard and Richard Armitage Quiz at the end of FanstRAvaganza 4, as initially intended, here comes a poll about central questions of the current debate about King Richard III’s re-interment:
Location and Procedure for King Richard III’s re-interment (Poll 4)
I hope we collected the most interesting options for you and you will enjoy participating.
If you miss some options you would have rather liked, please leave your suggestions in the comment area on the Poll page. Thank you!

♛ King Richard III ♛



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King Richard III – News


♕ King Richard Live on Radio 4 ♕

You think it is not possible to hear King Richard III live on Radio 4?
Steven Berkoff made it possible over the weekend.
Listen for yourself:

Richard the Third: My Car Park Years, by Steven Berkoff on BBC Radio 4
You still don’t believe me?
King Richard III is even up to modern challenges and mastered the Twitter technology: Richard_third

♕ Further News ♕


KRA has also opened a new page, to collect the press coverage. It is in no way a complete list, but tries to give an overview over current discussions.
We are very grateful for comments and further tips and links.
Thank you!

♕ Battle of the Churches ♕

Shortly after the discovery of human remains at the Greyfriars’ church in Leicester, a new discussion emerged, that of where King Richard III should find his last resting place.
To give this new discussion a neutral place, as e.g. a Leicester website would necessarily have a certain outcome, while a York-website would have another, and as the discussion already emerged here on KRA, we will host a poll, to find out what you think would be the right location for King Richard III.
Vote for your favourite resting place for King Richard III
KRA will not take an active position for one side or the other, as politicians and the tourism industry already have discovered King Richard III for themselves, now that it seems a success story.
As this is already more of a heated and fiercely fought discussion than the usual polls, e.g. about why you support the filming of King Richard III by Mr. Armitage, the poll will have more security measures, to ensure that poll fraud is minimized.
Currently the e-mail is set as limit, as also couples using the same computer should get the chance to vote individually. Should we recognize poll-fraud, we will switch to more restrictive measures, but I want to remind, this is a fun-poll, which will have no immediate influence on the decision of this question!

The entry of your mail address is necessary to take part in the poll to minimize poll-fraud. Your personal details will not be shared or used in any way, but are necessary for the safe handling of this poll. Thank you for your understanding.

As we already stated in our post of Saturday, 15th of September 2012, all places have advantages and disadvantages and I am sure, you can add some further points to the discussion.
I am really curious what you see as the most adequate resting place for King Richard III.
Please leave comments at the poll page, if you have conditions you would like to be met by either of the places or have other suggestions for a resting place.
Thank you!

New Poll on KRA


This week, a new poll starts on the KingRichardArmitage website.


Our last poll about a comparison between King Richard III and Thorin Oakenshield, the role Mr. Armitage currently plays in “The Hobbit” production by Sir Peter Jackson, was very popular and got some surprising results.

On the CDoart-blog in this article are comments about the poll-results and their meaning for a possible connection between fantasy and history.



The new poll now is more about you and your reasons for supporting the filming petition.


(Multiple answers possible.)


I hope you have fun and enjoy taking part in the poll.

Thank you for all your support and interest!


(The poll will be available in the sidebar of the website together with a link to the poll-results on the poll-archive page.)


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22nd 2022, 6 p.m. (CET)
we have 2482 signatures.

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