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III. Lord of the North

III.1 1472 Leicester September: Richard III meets Kate, the mother of his illegitimate daughter, while visiting his child.
III.2 1472 Middleham December: Christmas of the Gloucesters at Middleham.
III.3 1473 Beaulieu Abbey June: Anne’s mother, the Countess of Warwick, is released from sanctuary at Beaulieu and joins her daughter, who has born her son Edward, at Middleham.
III.4 1474 London November: Will Hastings and Jane (Elizabeth) Shore are together, when Edward IV surprises them.
Servetus: Information and questions to Book II, chapter 14 and Book III, chapter 1 – 4
III.5 1475 Middleham May: Mustering of army under Richard III’s banner to join Edward IV’s campaign against the French. Efforts to improve public opinion in England by pursuing the English king’s claim on the French throne.
III.6 1475 St. Christ sur Somme, Burgundy August: English armies on campaign in Burgundy threaten France, but are bought off by the French king, Louis XI. King Edward IV happy about this turn of events, but Richard III dissatisfied.
III.7 1476 Middleham July: Perspective of Anne Neville, wife of Richard III, in her letters, about her sister Isobel’s pregnancy, the death of her uncle, the Archbishop of York, and unrest among a population made unhappy by the decision for truce rather than war with the French.
III.8 1477 York January: Richard III and his wife Anne Neville visit York, where they engage in the expected charitable activities of nobles. There they learn about the death of Anne’s sister Isobel in childbirth (a living son), and the sudden death of Charles the Bold (husband to Richard III’s sister Margaret). Richard III and Anne Neville ride to Tewkesbury to attend the obsequies for Isobel, and encounter George of Clarence, apparently driven to the verge of madness by grief. A marriage is proposed between Margaret’s stepdaughter Mary and George, which Edward IV rejects in favour of Anthony Woodville, his wife’s brother. (Mary would eventually – wisely – marry a Habsburg).
III.9 1477 Cayford, Somerset April: The midwife who delivered Isobel, Ankarette Twynyho, is charged with murder via poison by George of Clarence and summarily executed, a contravention of justice that Edward IV simply cannot ignore, as Cecily Neville explains in a letter to Margaret.
Servetus: Information and questions to Book III, chapter 5 – 9
III.10 1477 York June: Anne Neville is about to join the Corpus Christi Guild in York. She and Richard III fight over John Neville’s orphaned son, George, Duke of Bedford, who is to lose his title to Edward IV’s third son.
George of Clarence is ordert to the Tower of London to await trial on charges of treason (Ankarette Twynyho affair).
III.11 1477 Windsor Castle September: Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IV’s queen consort, seeks her husband’s bed to persuade him to have George executed. They discuss rumours about his own legitimacy and also rumours seemingly spread by a drunken George of Clarence, that their marriage is invalid and thus their children illegitimate.
III.12 1477 Westminster October: Richard III comes to London to try to straighten things out, and we see the much-vaunted licentiousness of Edward IV’s court and the silliness of Jane Shore through his eyes. Richard gathers that Edward IV plans George of Clarence’s execution.
III.13 1478 London January: Richard III details to Anne Neville the story of George of Clarence’s trial and tells her that he’s convinced it’s Elizabeth Woodville, not Edward IV, who wants George dead.
Richard III is refused permission to see George of Clarence, his brother, before his execution.
III.14 1478 Westminster February: Cecily Neville pleads with Edward IV for George of Clarence’s life, both her sons.
III.15 1478 London February: George of Clarence is executed. He is told that his property is not attainted, but his son will succeed him.
Servetus: Information and questions to Book III, chapter 10 – 15
III.16 1478 Tower of London February: Execution of George of Clarence
III.17 1478 Middleham August: Ned, Richard III’s and Anne Neville’s son, is raised with his halfbrother John.
Edward IV visits Middleham, to mend the fraternal relationship and brings with him his eldest son Richard and daughters Cecily and Bess (= Elizabeth, later wife of Henry VII’s) and Mary.
III.18 1480 Greenwich July: Richard III’s sister Margaret, Dowager Duchess of Burgundy, visits England for the first time in twelve years.
III.19 1482 Middleham May: Richard III returns from a border skirmish and prepares for war with Scotland, a war which Edward IV lacks the physical condition to lead.
III.20 1482 Westminster December: Richard III comes to London, where his brother Edward IV is ailing. His nieces marriage plans to the king of Frnace are off, as a treatey between France and Burgundy has altered the balance of power. Edward concedes that Richard had been right about the French (reference to Chapter III.6).
III.21 1483 Westminster April: Elizabeth Woodville and her eldest son Thomas Grey discuss that Edward IV made Richard III Protector of the Realm in his will, as he was concerned about the minority of his son Edward V.
Servetus: Information and questions to Book III, chapter 16 – 21

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