• King Richard in Leicester (Website): Little known Facts, by Sally Henshaw – Richard III Society (September 30, 2014) –

    An overview of not well known facts about King Richard III. Especially point 10 is significant for a re-interpretation of King Richard III’s life, as it is a fact which was only found in archive material in modern times and certainly had not been common knowledge when Shakespeare wrote his version. The fact of the existence of those marriage arrangements sheds new light on the euphoria about an advantageous marriage of King Richard III’s niece Elizabeth, the later wife to Henry VI Tudor.




  • Hentry Tudor Society (Blog): The Lincoln Roll – the Princes’ Death Certificate?, by David Durose (September 26, 2014) –

    Is the mystery about the death of the Princes in the Tower finally solved and the ‘murderer’ finally revealed?
    David Durose from a dynasty roll in King Richard III’s family – of his nephew and designated heir of the crown, John de la Pole, the Earl of Lincoln – interprets the true happenings around the death of the princes and King Richard III’s involvement in the ‘crime’.




  • Leicester Mercury: King Richard III coin set to fetch £5,000 at auction, by Peter Warzynski (September 4, 2014) –

    Now we know how King Richard III really looked like. The image side of a coin minted in the time of his reign, shows his portrait.
    Or now we rather know, why King Henry VII had to make certain, all doubt was erased that he had really killed the king and had to exhibit King Richard III.
    The more than 500 year old coin goes on auction shortly.


  • Leicester Mercury: Richard III: Leicester Cathedral denies cashing in on the reinterment, by Peter Warzynski (September 3, 2014) –

    Leicester Cathedral – elitist or practical?
    Who would have attended King Richard III’s burial, if he had had one real one with family at his time?
    Perhaps his mother, but neither his wife nor son were still alive. So who would King Richard III like to attend this new ceremony in the year 2015, where his close family quite naturally is excluded?




  • The Telegraph: Recreating Richard III: Channel 4’s “New Evidence”, by Florence Waters (August 16, 2014) –

    Dominic Smee, 26 year old IT teacher, has King Richard III’s form of scoliosis and underwent training to prove the faculties and possible battle prowess of King Richard III. Channel 4 followed this process and the documentary will be broadcasted on Sunday, 17 August 2014.



  • The Hinckley Times: Richard III reburial will include Bosworth return, by Karen Hambridge (August 14, 2014) –

    Re-burial procedure and procession will include King Richard III’s return to his field of defeat at Bosworth, before he is brought to Leicester Cathedral.



  • BBC News: Geoffrey Boycott claims Leicester wants Richard III to ‘make money’ (August 10, 2014) –

    That King Richard III even influences today’s sport commentators, is hardly astonishing with the competitive mood all around the king, so similar to sportive competitiveness.
    But to clear the matter, King Richard III was King of ENGLAND. Neither York nor Leicester have an overly special claim, except that his father’s title included the name ‘York’, while most of Richard III’s life, York opposed him and his family and supported his enemies. Only in his late years, York was more supportive due to financial favours he granted the town and its merchants, perhaps to enforce (buy) the town’s loyalty.



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