Thank You for 1.000 Signatures !

It is quite difficult, to find a nice ‘Thank you’ image with a white rose.
But this symbol for King Richard III is quite necessary, to celebrate this important landmark in our petition for the film version about King Richard III’s life, as Mr. Armitage intends it to do.
Especially now, as all the press and film industry becomes aware of how much support a king from over 500 years back has today, a film and more detailed visualization of the life and circumstances of this historically ill treated king is necessary. A film version is the best way, to create his story anew for recipients of today, after Shakespeare’s version for so long dominated the perception of King Richard III.
To congratulate and thank you, yes, each single one of our wonderful followers and supporters, here comes a self created picture with a white rose and the King himself.
He still looks a bit angry, though I think he is very pleased with us 1.000 signers.
KRA-Thank You
Thank you for signing and supporting us so wonderfully along the way to 1.000 signatures!
So now, what are our next steps? Should we target the next 1.000 ;o)
Yes! Together we can make that happen.


We have accumulated well over 100 unconfirmed signatures of the petition once again.
To give you, who did not confirm your signature, another chance to do so, we will send out new confirmation mails tonight.
Please look out for this mail also in your junk mail-folder, as sometimes mails with links (confirmation link) get sorted out and appear there. In general this should not happen, but sometimes it could be the case.
Thank you !


22 Responses to Thank You for 1.000 Signatures !

  • Maria Grazia says:

    Great! I’m so happy we (may I feel proud to be one of the active supporters?) got to this first great goal. To the next greater ones and to the final one: Richard Armitage’s Richard III.

  • Dianne Penn says:

    That is absolutely wonderful!! *round of applause* Well done each and everyone of them x

  • Faboamanto says:

    Wonderful! Great moment for all supporters of this project.

  • I am thrilled, and will promote this in my blog as soon as I sign it. Thank you!

  • vec170203 says:

    Congratulations! I am delighted to know that so many people support the project ^_^

  • susan stringer says:

    Richard 4 Richard !

  • April73 says:

    Woooow… 1’000 signatures… that’s great !!! 🙂

  • Arthur Wright says:

    Now that the work is ‘Afoot’ to establish the DNA of the skeleton found in the Old Abbey Site at Leicester, Similar work needs to be carried out on the bones from the urns in Westminster Abbey believed to be the ‘Princes in the Tower’ [Richard’s Nephews the Uncrowned Edward V1 & his younger Brother the Duke of York.] We CANNOT have enough information on this era if it’s many mysteries are to be unravelled.

    • CDoart says:

      Thank you very much, Mr. Wright!
      I am very glad, that science developed so far that mtDNA can be used as a kind of prove. I am uncertain, how far a reliable female line can be drawn back to King Edward IV’s sons, as this line would be different from King Richard III’s, as their mother, Queen Elizabeth Woodville would be the reference for the mtDNA and her descendants in an unbroken female line.
      As far as I know, historian Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, who also did find the connection to Mr. Michael Ibsen, the 17th generation descendant of King Richard III in the female line, did extensive research about a possible prove to identify the sceletons of King Richard III’s nephews.
      I hope that results will be possible in that regard soon as well.

  • linda60 says:

    This is really just wonderful! As I was one of the early signers, I was admittedly sometimes doubtful whether the 1000 would be reached….. Hopefully the numbers will still increase, due to the new fame which is to be expected. Thank you very much for your untiring dedicated work!

    • CDoart says:

      Thank you very much for all your support, Linda60!
      We reached the first 1.000, a really good result for our fan-initiative after only one year. Now we supporters can confidently spread the news and grow our group further ;o)

  • Hi CDoart,

    Congratulations on achieving and exceeding your goal of 1,000 signatures. This is a wonderful accomplishment. We can only hope that the growing interest in Richard III will even further spark producers to consider supporting a new biopic if KR3.

    And if Richard Armitage were involved as writer, director, actor (Richard Earl of Warwick as someone suggested)? Then it would be even more amazing, since RA has long championed revitalizing KR3’s life and legacy as a special interest of his.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • CDoart says:

      Thank you very much, Grati!
      I am so very curious, what approach RA would use and what he would pick or would like to show in a depiction of King Richard’s life. I must admit, I certainly would like to see him as King Richard, but I would equally be interested, what his interpretation on the whole historic events would be, so am also curious about any other involvement of him in the filming project.

  • linda60 says:

    I wonder whereto my yesterday’s comment vanished??? Mmmm?

    • CDoart says:

      Hello Linda60,
      The first comments on KRA need to be confirmed, before they show up. It helps to keep the spam in check ;o)
      Sorry, I was late with confirming yours, but now further comments should appear immediately.
      Thank you !

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