• The York Press: Call to give Richard III York burial, by Dan Bean – Mike Bennett, custodian of the Richard III Museum in York, (not surprisingly) fights for York as burial place.


  • ITV.com: Fresh confusion over burial site for King Richard III by Peter Bearne – Were the previous confirmations of Leicester Cathedral as intended last resting place for King Richard III by the Ministry of Justice premature?

  • BBC News: Richard III dig: Leicester Cathedral burial confirmed

  • This is Leicestershire: Justice minister backs call for Richard III remains to be buried in Leicester Cathedral

  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: Bones found in Leicester car park may be friary founder


  • Daily Mail: King Richard III to get cathedral burial…after his skeleton was found under the car park 500 years after his death


  • This is Leicestershire: Hold your horses over King Richard III’s remains, warns archeologist – Is the euphoria about finding King Richard III premature?

  • The York Press: House of Commons row over Richard III’s resting place


  • This is Leicestershire: Bury Richard III in Leicester? York? Or… Worksop? – About the new War of the Roses and a new rose, Worksop, entering the battlefield.

  • ITV News: King Richard III relative visits the spot he died – Report about Michael Ibsen, 17th generation descendant of King Richard III’s sister, visiting Bosworth, the place where King Richard III died.


  • Trader & Guardian – Retford Today: MP – Richard III should be buried in Worksop – MP John Mann for Bassetlaw told Parliament in the House of Commons about a new suggestion where to burry King Richard III.

  • Times-Standard – The Associated Press: UK lawmakers line up to host Richard III’s tomb – Fight about King Richard III’s remains, even before their identity is 100% confirmed.

  • Fox News: Winter of discontent? UK lawmakers fight over Richard III’s tomb – About the new War of the Roses.

  • Daily Mail Online: That Richard III… is ‘e still on the electoral roll in York? – by Quentin Letts – Would Richard III win the elections?

  • The Guardian – David Mitchell’s Soapbox: David Mitchell’s Soapbox: Richard III – Video about a ‘curious’ alternative to give King Richard III a state funeral, as soon as it is decided where to bury him.


  • ePetition for Leicester: Keep Richard III remains in Leicester
    Petition for Leicester, started by Roy Shakespeare. (You once again need to be a U.K. citizen to be able to sign this petition.)

  • The Hinckley Times: Hinckley pensioner launches bid to keep King Richard III’s bones in Leicester – Report about the petition for Leicester


  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III archaeology team awarded honour for Leicester dig – Report about an award, Philippa Langley received from the Richard III Society for her wonderful work for King Richard III.

  • BBC News Leicester: Richard III dig: Is there millions in Shakespeare’s villain? – Video report about the monetary aspect of finding a king under a carpark.


  • This is Leicestershire: Many say Richard for York – The battle for King Richard III has just begun, (Leicester Mercury, ThisIsLeicestershire.co.uk)


  • The Hinckley Times: Possible Richard III discovery could hold success for economy of Hinckley and Bosworth – Katy Hallam


  • The Guardian: York goes global in its fight for Richard’s royal bones – by Martin Hickes


  • Richard III Foundation, Inc.: Initiates a further petition for York as burial place for King Richard III, as first ePetition was only available for signers from the U.K.


  • BBC News: Richard III dig: Leicester Cathedral ‘obvious choice’ for burial – The Bishop of Leicester in this video interview very nicely assembles points which will have to be considered in doing a ceremonial service for King Richard III’s interment.

  • This is Leicestershire: Richard III dig: Mayor of Leicester considers sites for a museum in the city – Would King Richard III be happy about so much attention? Did he somehow manage to get some angels on his side to let something happen after over 500 years? At least, the bid for his attention seems to start now. An own museum in Leicester sounds like a good start, to get a more balanced view of his historically blackened reputation.

  • Current Archaeology (archaeology.co.uk): Richard III: the search for the last Plantagenet king, by Carly Hilts


  • Current Archaeology (archaeology.co.uk): Miraculous survival: How Richard III’s church was preserved, by Carly Hilts

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