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King Richard Week 2011

King Richard Week 2011 – List of Articles
King Richard Week 2011

Richard Armitage is turning 40!

What to get the man who insists he already has everything?

More work for our favorite workaholic.

Since watching his acting gives us so much delicious fantasy fulfillment, we thought we’d turn the tables with a fantasy present: the job that he’s most repeatedly expressed interest in doing — a retelling of the Richard III story.

We’re not agents or producers, and we can’t finance this project or cast him in it or write the scripts, so we’re doing the next best thing: a week of background, context, musings, and jokes about why we’re dying to see “our” Richard play “that” Richard.

Want to share the fantasy more actively? Sign the manifesto:

Richard III for Richard Armitage !

We hope you enjoy the week!



– Not the End –


As Christine has written in her blog post, due to interfering real life events, not all plans for the King Richard Week worked out and some articles are still to come, not to mention, that the website remains active and will publish news and events for you on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoyed the week and will keep on following.

Best wishes,
Your KRA-Team



Fan-Art & Activities

King Richard Armitage

King Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage talks about Richard III (WhiteRoseWriting – MyrL Faboamanto – 23.08.2011)

MyrL has wonderfully combined all of Mr. Armitages mentionings of the project “Richard III” in a VIDEO and shows, what motivates us, to do this whole support project for Mr. Armitage and Richard III.


King Richard Armitage Week 2011 (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage – 23.08.2011)

Servetus presents the visual prove how well cast Richard Armitage would be for the role of King Richard III. – Have a look and be convinced!


Creative Letters of Support (darlingdarling – 26.08.2011)

Who ever could possibly resist Queen Amidala or Marian in Sherwood Forrest, appealing to get Richard III on its way? I most certainly can’t ;o)


Creative Letters of Support from Geraldine Granger (darlingdarling – submitted by Carolyn! – 27.08.2011)

New supporting letter coming in from Geraldine Granger, contributed by Carolyn!


Creative Letter of Support from Galadriel (darlingdarling – 27.08.2011)

King Richard III does even get help from Middle-Earth. Read the newly arrived letter of support here.


Richard III rises from grave to issue charter regarding casting of Richard Armitage! (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage – 27.08.2011)

King Richard III himself supports the filming project. Read his issued charter to see the proof!


Richard III Project Slogan Poll (darlingdarling – 23.08.2011)

Lovely poll how best to advertise for “Richard III”, due to Shakespeare propaganda till in our days an unpopular king in English history. But was he derserving this fate? – No! – So how to make him popular? Please try and help Darlingdarling with her campaign.


King Richard III Song (Horrible Histories) (CDoart – 24.08.2011)

Christine posted a video with a song created by the BBC Horrible Histories, whith a funny approach towards the life of King Richard III. Let the king speak for himself!


Farmyard Joke about King Richard III (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage – 24.08.2011)

Servetus presents a joke about how important King Richard III. is, even on a farmyard!


Ex-Dwarf “not hot enough” for Richard III role (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage – 25.08.2011)

In a funny presentation, Servetus puts together all the points and arguments, why Richard Armitage would (not) be perfect as King Richard III ;o) Have fun and enjoy, that resistance is pointless…


King Richard Armitage – The Event Week Begins (CDoart – 23.08.2011)

Christine has revealed a bit about our donor, who is still waiting for the final amount of his donation, as we expect further signatures from the past weekend coming in.


A Thank you to His Fans … (CDoart – 28.08.2011)

Now that the event comes (not entirely) to an ending, Christine shows the close connection between fans and actor. Thank you, Mr. Armitage!


King Richard Week – Finale ( – 28.08.2011)

Final amount of our donation and a big Thank you to all followers and contributors of the week!


King Richard Armitage Week: (Wrap-Up) Hooray! (Darlingdarling – 29.08.2011)

King Richard Week, an overview over a wonderful week full of posts, interviews, information, videos, research and fun. Thank you for following!



Shakespeare, or: What we fight against

William Shakespeare (Chandos Portrait)

William Shakespeare (Chandos Portrait) - Source:


Shakespeare’s Richard III: History, Acting and Popular Perception ( (WhiteRoseWriting – MyrL Faboamanto – 25.08.2011)

Wonderful background how the bad image of King Richard III was created by Shakespeare and further expanded by brilliant actors, with their art contributing to this negative image.


Richard III Actors + Richard: Six Degrees of Separation Game (darlingdarling – 25.08.2011)

Play games and imagine the connections between Mr. Armitage and the actors, playing Richard III in Shakespeare films so far. Can you beat darlingdarling at her game?


Richard, King of hearts (Phylly’s Faves – 27.08.2011)

King Richard III in different interpretations of Shakespeare’s play and in portrays, with previews of Richard Armitage in that role as ‘our’ King of Hearts.


Leading Ladies and the Proposal Scene (Darlingdarling – 28.08.2011)

King Richard III and his courtship for his wife Anne Neville in Shakespeare’s play and the search for a worthy Lady Anne.



King Richard III – History & Research

King Richard III

King Richard III - Source:

Interview with Ms. Joe Ann Ricca, Richard III Foundation, Inc. ( – 24.08.2011)

Interview with CEO/President of the Foundation, Ms. Joe Ann Ricca, about the Foundation and their interest and research about King Richard III. The foundation holds a conference on 15th of October 2011 and non-members are welcome to find out more about King Richard III.


Richard III Society ( – 25.08.2011)

After yesterday’s Richard III Foundation, the presentation of the Richard III Society, a world-spanning research organisation purely devoted to King Richard III and his time and life.


Dr. John Ashdown-Hill

Dr. John Ashdown-Hill


Dr. John Ashdown-Hill talks about his research regarding King Richard III ( – 23.08.2011)

Dr. Ashdown-Hill is an experienced historian and researcher about the time and life of King Richard III. and we are very happy to be able to present him with his publications about Richard III to you.


Interview with Isolde Martyn (Plantagenet Society of Australia) ( – 26.08.2011)

King Richard III has fans all around the world. Today’s guest is Ms. Isolde Martyn of the Plantagenet Society of Australia.



"A Thousand Glass Flowers" by Prue Batten



Author Prue Batten about Historical Writing – Interview ( – 27.08.2011)

Prue in the Armitage world is a well known author and with her wonderful story about Guy of Gisborne an essential contributor to fan-fiction. Read about her tips for historical writers, her publications and upcoming works here.


Richard III in a Historical Documentation (Channel 5, Kings and Queens) (CDoart – 25.08.2011)

Find out more about King Richard III in a TV presentation about his life.



Richard III – Was he a Good or a Bad King? (CDoart – 26.08.2011)

This gripping radio discussion by RexFactor, has a closer look at Richard III and his qualities as a King . “Don’t read Shakespeare, listen to RexFactor!”


Was Richard III a Villain or a Saint? – Judge for yourself … (CDoart – 27.08.2011)

A trial to determine King Richard III’s guilt? How could that be, so long after his death? – It can and was held at the Old Bailey in London on 21st of February, 1984. See for yourself how you would judge!


In person she was seemly, amiable and beauteous … and … full gracious: Anne Neville actress poll (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage – 28.08.2011)

King Richard III’s wife for more than 15 years, Anne Neville, in the centre of this fascinating article. Who would you see in such an important role?



Birthday Celebrations

Armitage XL! (Servetus – Me + Richard Armitage)


The Celebration Continues – Happy Birthday Richard Armitage! (WhiteRoseWriting – MyrL Faboamanto)


Happy Birthday, dear Richard! (Phylly’s Faves)


King Richard Armitage Week: Birthday Celebration (darlingdarling)


Happy Birthday! (


Birthday Celebrations in London! (CDoart)



Plantagenet Society


Plantagenet Society of Australia


with their beautiful banner:


Plantagenet Society of Australia




The Plantagenet Society of Australia was formed in Sydney in 1991 by five members of the Richard III Society. The aim was not to rival the RIII Society but to promote interest and debate covering many aspects of the Plantagenet era, Henry II to Richard III (1154-1485). We now have 70 members, an average attendance of 35-40 and many of our members belong to both societies. Our honorary president is Sydney University Associate Professor Carole Cusack.

Two of our members are published international historical novelists and have shared their research with the society through talks and newsletter articles.



Isolde Martyn’s novel The Maiden and the Unicorn about Margaret Huddlestone (Warwick the Kingmaker’s bastard daughter/de Commynes’ anonymous woman spy) has won major awards in America and Australia and her third book, The Silver Bride, is centred on the politics of 1483. She has also written novels from the viewpoints of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham (Richard III’s perfidious cousin) and that delightful troublemaker, Mistress Shore. More information about her Ricardian books can be found at


Felicity Pulman is known for her YA books especially The Janna Mysteries series which are set in the 1140s during the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. For more details, see



Plantagenet Society meetings take place six times a year and we frequently have a guest expert presenting an hour’s talk. However, our members are not without talent when it comes to research and presenting talks. As well as our writers, we have a professional heraldry wizard, a retired Supreme Court judge who has a tremendous interest in law and trade in the Middle Ages, an enthusiastic Scotsman who brings the Sassenachs down to earth on border issues and our newsletter editor is a wonderful speaker on Medieval Fare.


Over the last eleven years we have covered topics relevant to Ricardians including

  • Richard III,
  • Tewkesbury Abbey,
  • the Four Margarets (Margaret of Anjou, Margaret Beaufort, Margaret Paston and Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy),
  • the real Mistress Shore and
  • King Edward IV’s London.

This year our meetings have included the performance of a mystery play, medieval single combat, embroidery and medieval coinage.


Once a year we have a discussion meeting. These usually provoke lively debate. Our members really do their homework! Past years have seen topics such as

  • ‘Did Robin Hood exist?’
  • ‘Medieval Queens: mares or show ponies?’
  • ‘Joan of Arc’
  • ‘Witchcraft’, and ‘How Clean was my Hovel?’


For our tenth anniversary we held a special open day which included talks, medieval musicians and a public debate. And some years back, we even managed a medieval banquet!
Our subscription is only $AUS20 a year and this includes a very good bimonthly email/snailmail newsletter The Plantagenet Chronicle. Our meetings are advertised on our website and in the local media and visitors are most welcome at our meetings.


For more information visit our web site at


Application form:

(pdf-file of Membership application form)


Contact details:

John McDermott (Membership Secretary)

Petition - Status !

As of July
22nd 2022, 6 p.m. (CET)
we have 2482 signatures.

Go to sign...


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December 29, 2021

Did Richard III actually save the boy king he’s accused of killing? (by Lydia Starbuck, Royal Central)

April 23, 2021

Steve Coogan movie The Lost King begins filming (by, British Comedy Guide)

January 31, 2021

Barnard Castle boars date back to King Richard III (by Andrew White, The Northern Echo)

January 12, 2021

Alternate history: what if Richard III had won at Bosworth? – Professor Emeritus Michael Hicks interviewed by Jonny Wilkes (by Jonny Wilkes, Professor Emeritus Michael Hicks, BBC History Revealed)

September 11, 2020

Steve Coogan and Stephen Frears to collaborate on The Lost King (

April 9, 2020

Steve Coogan confirms Richard III movie ‘next year’ (by BBC East Midlands,

November 1, 2019

Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth – By Mike Ingram (HeritageDaily)

October 8, 2019

Painted as a villain – how the Tudors regarded Richard III (by Christina J. Faraday, APOLLO.The International Art Magazine)


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