Fan-Art: Stormy Looking Richard III Guy


Richard Fan-Art – The Beginning


The fan-art event is starting today and we are beginning with the presentation of the artful creations, sent in by you, one per week.

Right up at the beginning, we present our first contributor.

Our very lovely and supportive artist answered some questions about herself to us, yet, she wants to remain unnamed here.

So now, before presenting her creation, we let her speak a bit, how she came to fandom, Richard III and her artwork:

Asked about why she wanted to remain unnamed, she kindly answered:

… the way I look at it, it isn’t about me, it’s all about Richard and a project dear to his heart!  ;D

What great heart and unselfish support for our King Richard Armitage!

She very eloquently expressed her interest in Richard Armitage:

I suppose I have a bit of an obsession with him … but in the nicest possible way!

Why would Richard Armitage be the ideal candidate to play King Richard III?

I adored RA’s portrayal of Lucas North … he played the complexity, vulnerability and strength of the character so well … shame about the awful mish-mash that was series 9! I know Lucas had to be written out, but it was so clumsy, not the “elegant” exit that Richard wanted at all … and what a missed opportunity to delve into his Russian past!

Regarding her choice of subject and interest in the historic topic, our artist answered:

I chose that face for him because one of the most important aspects of choosing an image for a successful manip in my humble opinion is finding an image with the right colouring, lighting and angles. I also felt that to maintain one’s position in the world around that time, must have been a hard job requiring determination and “grit” especially if, as RIII did, one grew up surrounded by violence and greed! To show weakness would not have been a good thing! ;D
I’m English and as a child was brought up on the Plantagenet/Tudor dynasties (father Lancastrian, mother from Yorkshire!) so had an interest in this period for many years.

And her choice of fan-outlet is:

My main creative outlet is in Photoshop … Richard inspires me! I’m also starting to learn vidding. […] I do lots of these doodles for relaxation … in fact I started another Richard III but I never did get around to finishing it!

That we really enjoy to hear, as we may hope for further additions and wonderful fan-art about our King Richard Armitage ;o)

Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution!


My first idea regarding this picture was: What a stormy expression.

If I would have been one of his enemies, I would have run away and hid in fear of his wrath, which he expresses in such a fierce way here in this picture.

That bears the question, what would have been, if his enemies at Bosworth would have done the same and Richard III consequently would have won the battle?

If you like, join in on our hypothetical mind game and musings, and speculate with us.

Please leave a comment about your version of what might have happened.


My version is:

  • No Tudor dynasty
  • Perhaps an English – Spanish Plantagenet dynasty, overcoming France and creating a united European political map much earlier than our European Union.
  • If Richard Armitage would have been in the position of King Richard, in my opinion, he would have won all hearts and would have had no need to stop with Europe ;o)


What do you think, might have happened?

Historically absolutely free and wild speculations welcome !


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This time all contributions and blog posts are collected on a separate sub-page, to present the material and news about Fan-Art regarding King Richard Armitage to you.
Either click on the banner image or go to: Richard-Fan-Art to find the collection and news about updates and related blogposts.

Have lots of fun and enjoy !


P.S.: If you want to join in and take part in creating Fan-Art about King Richard Armitage, please let us know and get in contact with us here. Thank you!

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