Fan-Art: Bccmee and King Richard III

One artist I am sure I don’t need to introduce to you is bccmee.

Phylly interviewed her earlier this year: Interview with bccmee (16th of March 2011)

Bccmee is well known from her blog, her wonderful videos and lately for her gif-month in October 2011.
She is a generous and talented artist and currently shares her knowledge about gif-creation with her blog readers.



In accordance with her October gif-month, she created a wonderful King Richard III scene.
Here comes the gif version:


Richard III gif by bccmee


This sceneย  to me gives the impression of a commitment or with sound even of an oath to King Richard III.
I don’t want to hold back the full video, where bccmee used this scene at the end, starting at about [2:26]


Bccmee together with Phylly also found an impressive sign, that Richard Armitage indeed is the right actor to play King Richard III, as even the Houses of Parliament in London crown him ;o)
Here comes a King Richard (alias: Lucas North) in a signature picture by bccmee:

bccmee - King Richard (Lucas North)


Thank you, bccmee, for such impressive statements regarding Richard Armitage as King Richard III.



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Have lots of fun and enjoy !


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12 Responses to Fan-Art: Bccmee and King Richard III

  • Oh, I love this little gif-animation, it’s so great! And when I saw the picture with Lucas at fist I didn’t believe that it’s not photoshop, but, wow, ladies you are very observant ๐Ÿ™‚

    • CDoart says:

      That Bccmee and Phylly did recognise this special moment in Spooks 8, really impresses me. At first I thought about a photo manipulation as well and could not believe that ‘sign’ ;o)
      It took me a while to remember, that Lucas North indeed talks with Sarah Caulfield opposite the Houses of Parliament. What clever camera man.
      Nothing escapes observant fans like bccmee and Phylly ;o)

      • Phylly3 says:

        I can’t take any credit for this except in reminding Bccmee of her own work! That scene from Spooks 8 comes from Bccmee’s fanvid “I’m a Believer”. She did her King Richard label right at the beginning @ the 10 second mark.

        The graphic she included her is from a previous siggie (which is much clearer). She had clearly been thinking about this for a long time! I just happened to rewatch it last week and since I knew CDoart was going to be mentioning Bccmee in this post, I thought she might want to include this extra graphic.

        She is certainly a very talented lady! Thanks CDoart for providing this forum to highlight our appreciation of Richard as the King he certainly is! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • CDoart says:

          Thank you, Phylly, for the link and also for finding and reminding us of it. I am cut off from the video once again, but please enjoy!

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  • fitzg says:

    Splendid gif and video. And Richard P was NOT evil!!! Clever of bccmee and Phylly to spot that crown.
    (We had so much fun with the October gif month)

  • bccmee says:

    Hey thanks everyone for your kind words! By the way, I forgot that “I’m a Believer” has been blocked in some countries so here’s a download link:

    Yes, Phylly3 used her sharp eyes and spotted the “King Richard” bit in that video. Exactly two years ago, I made one of my silly siggies which was simply a screencap and the text. As Phylly3 said, obviously I *have* been thinking of this for awhile, LOL!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to enjoying the future weeks of the Fan-Art project. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • CDoart says:

      Thank you very much for the download link to this wonderful video, bccmee !!! What a great idea to match Lucas North with all his love interests and crown him, as he indeed is our king of hearts ;o)
      Thank you!!!

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  • angieklong says:

    Love the GIF and wow, absolutely–King Richard forever!! WE knew he was royalty and this is further proof. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jaelitabonita says:

    Good catch on the sig and a very clever gif.

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