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Before we begin with the Day 5 news…
Today we sent out the confirmation mails to the un-confirmed signers of the petition. Thank you for your help and support!
And here are the main sites, the KRA Week 2012 and the scavenger hunt.

♕ Fabo Laktuko ♕

Fabo Laktuko is an experienced King Richard III blogger and her expertise in filming and film related topics and personel is an unending source of information. She brings wonderful new perspectives into the historic topic.
Today, she has a knowledgeable review about possible producers for us, who we as fans might trust and who could support Mr. Armitage in creating his dream project:
Four Directors Richard Armitage Should Consider for His Richard III Production
Fabo Laktuko also has interesting information about other film and King Richard III related topics and especially scavenger hunters will find her previous articles very helpful:
King Richard III posts

♕ Further News of the Day ♕


  • Servetus (Me + Richard Armitage) – What a thumb can tell in battle and especially regarding success – Or: Richard III thumbshot




  • Our special guest, the
    Richard III Foundation, Inc.
    who will join in with an article during the week and are sponsoring a price for the scavenger hunt, have released a press release regarding the late Channel 4 appeal for a King Richard III documentary and their upcoming King Richard III Conference on 13th of October 2012. They welcome members and guests !!! – For more information also take a look at the program of the conference here.


♛ Scavenger Hunt ♛

Questions of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 are online now.
Servetus, as our quizmaster of the KRA Week 2012, has some tips and tricks for you to solve the quiz questions: Day 5 tips
Also take a look at her further articles this week. They contain hints as well and are a joy to read anyway.

TIP for the scavenger hunt:
To make back-solving of the answers easier for you, all the solution letters arranged in the right order will result in a Solution Sentence.
The form with the right order for the letters can be reached here – or can be printed/downloaded via this pdf-file.

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